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Lusty career girls! Scandalous exploits! And guaranteed job satisfaction.

"Madcap" Maxie Mainwaring has been leading a gay life in Bay City, courtesy of her wealthy parents' generous allowance. Then she's discovered in the powder room at the Daughters of the American Pioneers Annual Luncheon, boldly exploring new territory with a female attendee. Maxie gets an ultimatum: move back to the Mainwaring Manse, or pay her own way.

Plenty of girls can testify to Maxie's enthusiasm and talent--but can the "dilettante debutante" earn a paycheck? Over the course of one adventurous summer, Maxie will hone her skills with the help of acquaintances old and new, including:

Velma, a comely dry cleaning mogul with some dirty secrets
Stella, the aspiring novelist who has a way with more than words
Kathy, an FBI agent who views Maxie as a definite person of interest
Lon, the laconic loner who knows more than she tells
And Pamela, the businesswoman with a body made for pleasure

From gritty school cafeterias to cosmopolitan magazine offices, Maxie is discovering new positions and getting valuable hands-on experience--and love could be the most exciting job perk of all. . .

Fiction & Literature
June 1
Kensington Books
Kensington Publishing Corp.

Customer Reviews

Mary Groten ,

Hyuk Hyuk

Yes, this is another 5 star review. But this book deserves it. It's a fun, light-hearted (and maybe light-headed) read about the adventures of rogue debutante Maxie Mainwaring and the denizens of the Magdalena Arms women's residence. Maxie is disinherited by her bossy mother and forced to get a jobs. More accurately, she is forced to get a series of jobs which put her on the trail of a dreaded Scandinavian crime syndicate, run by an unexpected 'queenpin.' 'Maxie Mainwaring' has been called a spoof of 50s pulp fiction. Not being an expert on 50s pulp fiction, I can't confirm or deny, but it was a fun read. I see the author has at least one other book on the denizens of the Magdalena Arms and another (Dolly Dingle, Lesbian Landlady) coming out in September. I'll probably give those a try. She also has a book of lesbian horse stories, but I'm not sure about that. I'm not really into horses.

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