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This is the first book in the Maya's Aura Series.

Young Maya hated the name that her aging hippie mother had saddled her with. She hated her dead-end job in a San Francisco coffee shop that didn't pay enough to allow her to rent her own apartment. She hated trying to make do with clothes from the thrift shops that never quite fit her, and always smelled musty. She hated that she was allowed only one week's vacation, and she could only save enough money to couch surf with friends.

During her one week vacation couch surfing in Vancouver and spending days on the university's beach, something happened that she could not explain. She felt someone's aura, or at least that is what she thought had happened. Curiosity made her try to feel it again and again. Slowly she began to realize that this aura thing was more than just a good feeling.

Much more, powerfully more, dangerously more, and she ceased to be the mousy young girl that cleaned tables in a coffee shop.

About the Author

Skye Smith is my pen name. My family convinced me not to use my real name because they feared that predators would use the internet to find me. You'll understand why as you fall in love with sweet Maya, my main character. I wish I could use my own name, but I can't. Sorry.

Originally I set out to write a story about vampires and witches, but those have been done to death in eBooks, so instead I gave Maya a strong aura, which allowed her to sense the presence of psychopaths. As I wrote the novel I came to realize that vampires are just psychopaths that stay up late and drink blood. Or maybe psychopaths are just vampires that have swapped their blood habit for good old fashioned greed, power, and lust.

The novels so far in the "Maya's Aura" series are:

1. “The Awakening" …… - published - She discovers her strange aura.

2. "The Refining" ………. - published - She learns how to use her aura.

3. “The Ashram” ……….. - published - She searches for answers in India

4. “Goa to Nepal” ………. - published - She follows a quest into the Himalayas

5. “The Charred Coven” ... - published - She fights black craft in England.

6. “The Crystal Witch” …. - published - She learns psychic craft in England

7. “The Redemptioner” … - published - Psychic dreams of her ancestor Britta.

8. “Destroy the Tea Party” - published - Britta’s adventures in Boston in 1773.

June 23
Skye Smith
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