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For a male vampire, the calling is both pleasure and pain.

IPPY Silver Medalist - Best Romance/Erotica E-Book

The All the King's Men Series was GraveTells' Reviewers' Choice for Series of the Year

"If you've been waiting for the next Black Dagger Brotherhood, this is it…" -GraveTells

With the threat of Apostle behind him and Samantha’s life finally out of danger, Micah’s mating phase, known as the calling, unfurls to full strength. Unable to resist the demands of his body and the hormonal heat that drive him to propagate the vampire race, Micah loses himself in the pleasure Sam gives him.

But the desire to nest and start a family isn’t the only thing Samantha has awakened in Micah. She has also stirred Micah’s long-dormant love of domination. With Sam, Micah finds himself longing to re-open his dungeon, and Sam wants to know more about this kinky world she has heard so much about but never tried.

But it’s when Micah and Sam bump into Trace at a scene party that things get interesting. Trace is a submissive, a morsel Micah can’t resist when he’s invited to dominate Trace by his Master. And the show Micah puts on arouses more than curiosity in Sam.

Throughout her journey into this new world, Sam realizes several hard truths about herself and what she wants. Will Micah allow her to explore her freshly awakened desires? Better yet, will the newfound dynamic between Micah and Trace prove to be too much for their friendship to withstand? 

Micah’s Calling is a story of devotion beyond the level of friendship that will light your imagination on fire.

Author’s Note: This is a novella supplement to Rise of the Fallen and includes a scene from that book written in opposing points of view. It is highly advised that you read Rise of the Fallen before reading this novella. Reading book two of the series, Heart of the Warrior, would also be beneficial, but not absolutely necessary, before reading Micah’s Calling.

Recommended for fans of J.R. Ward, Lara Adrian, and Gena Showalter.

Books in this series, in reading order:

Rise of the Fallen

Heart of the Warrior

Micah’s Calling

Rebel Obsession

Return of the Assassin

All the King’s Men - The Beginning

Bound Guardian Angel


Micah’s Bride

August 26
Phoenix Press
Phoenix Press LLC
Grades 13 and Above

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