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He’s sexy as sin and hotter than hell andoh wait.

What would you do to save a loved one’s life? Make a pact with the Devil? 

In Diana Kingston’s defense, it was the middle of the night in the deserted hospital chapel… surely it was just a dream. She hadn’t really sold herself to a brooding stranger to save her father’s life, right? Then she wakes and her father is fully recovered and a mysterious letter arrives from the tall, dark, handsome—um, Devil? Yep, it was right there on the contract, Lucien Star, aka Lucifer Morningstar, that had been his name in the dream… Gulp. What would the Devil himself want with her? Sex. Three months of hot, sweaty, Friday night sex.

Ooookay. Breaking a pact with the Devil doesn’t seem like a smart move. So she’ll do it—but she won’t like it. Not much anyway. But she starts liking it – a lot—and every night they spend together, she likes it and Lucien a little more. Being with him allows her naughty side to come out and play, but Diana starts to see more than just a sexy-as-sin, rock-hard … er…Anyway, he might be Satan, but even he was an angel once. Kind. Noble. And she sees glimpses of that man still inside him… But how in Heaven’s name do you save the Devil from himself?

August 13
Emma Castle Books, LLC
Lauren Smith

Customer Reviews

JackieMichele ,

That ending though...

There are very few free books I have read that surprised me at the end. This is most definitely one of them. I loved the relationship that unfolded and how it ended. I would have loved to see more from Jimiel though.

Crazy not lazy ,

Midnight with the Devil

Refreshingly different! A great book to read and reread! I loved it!

Atyak ,


This books had me hooked from the start! I couldn’t put it down and I was never disappointed. You will definitely be crying by the end!

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