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Molly Lennox is a typical teenager, living a typical teenage life on the planet of Mars. Her alien sister, Pirra, and her best friend, Vicky Valentine, are always ready to assist her on her latest adventure. Molly's mother has been coming down hard on her lately and she can't figure out why. She is on her last chance or else.

But when she witnesses a kidnapping and no one believes her, her unrelenting determination and undying guilt from the alien war drive her to catch the perpetrators. She grabs her trusty stun gun and she risks everything, including her family to rescue the victims and uncover a dark Martian secret.

For ages 10+, same reading level as Harry Potter.

Young Adult
August 9
Wyatt Davenport
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Ashltyourube ,

Omg good!

This is my 1st time reviewing a book, but this is Amazing! The story is strong, and so are the characters! I don’t find many books I like with strong female lead characters, and I’M a girl! Books have always been my escape when I’m scared, angry, or even just bored! I love this book! When I can convince my mom, I will SOOOOO get the others! I love how Molly- Wait, no spoilers! L.O.L!!!!! I love the story, the characters, and just the plain book! I wish every book on Amazon was free, so I could have the whole series. Sometimes, when I review stuff, it’s because I wish there was more, but here, I have No complains! The book was good, and I hope I can get the others soon!

i dont know how to read ,

I hate the book

It’s boring

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