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When journalism student Eve investigates a 20-year-old cold case, she begins to unravel a small town's darkest secrets... What exactly happened the night Lacey Walken went missing at Murder Creek?

College student Eve Sawyer senses something wrong at “Murder Creek”. 

Named for infamous murders that occurred centuries earlier, it is the site where Lacey Walken disappeared twenty years ago. 

With no trace … except for her bloody scarf tangled in fallen branches at the muddy water’s edge. 

Drawn to this missing girl’s cold case, Eve investigates and uncovers long-kept secrets while writing a report for her journalism class. 

As she puts the pieces of the puzzle together: the legacy of a man, the fate of a beautiful woman, and the lives that changed forever, Eve goes up against an unknown threat—someone with everything to lose. 

If Eve’s not careful, she could be next. 

Listen to Murder Creek. The audiobook is now available on iTunes, released August 9, 2019.

Mysteries & Thrillers
June 6
Jane Suen
Jane Suen LLC

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kirchersmiles ,


Murder Creek by Jane Suen

5 Stars

I am a professed 100% complete lifelong fan of this author, I don't care what it is, if her name is on it I read it. She is one of those authors that you never know what your going to get when you open one of her books and she always finds a way to mess with my mind and leaves me staring into space when I finish one of her stories.

In saying all of that..I loved Murder Creek. Is it a favorite of all I've read from her?.. No. That is because it didn't leave me questioning everything at the end and didn't have a mind bending twist like most of her stories do. Does it mean I enjoyed it any less?.. No. This was still vintage Jane Suen and everything I love about her. She is a master storyteller and I felt like I was in the book, walking right alongside Eve, I could see her hotel room, I could feel the atmosphere while at the creek, I was hesitant about everyone she met in her journey to find out what happened to Lacey Walken. I love how dedicated Eve was and her nightmares scared me. I felt it all and that's just one of the reasons I love this author so much!

Not going to give away any part of this storyline, you have to read it and experience the building of this investigation and see how it ends. This part was not something I expected and it was enough of a twist to make every word leading up to it totally worth it.

Read this and everything else you can get your hands on by this author..She is amazing!

Bring on the next :)

Loved the book!! ,

Murder creek

Very confusing, not worth reading

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