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In Santa Barbara, California, a great white shark homes in on marine biologist Teri Marcus––the reader watches, but she doesn’t have a chance. To most, it was one of those rare accidents of nature, and yet, to her friends and colleagues, it seemed an impossible outcome for the seasoned diver. John Hunter, upon hearing the shark story, is intrigued and agrees to have a look into the death in order for her friends to get past the horrible tragedy.

In Northern Ohio, a gentleman farmer dies when his tractor rolls over and crushes him. A microbiologist in India drives his car into a power pole late one night and dies of multiple injuries.   

The truth begins to emerge in Santa Barbara, and the trail leads John and Marin around the globe in search of two highly skilled killers––one a specialist in “accidental” deaths. During the course of the investigation, they discover the killers identities and track their previous movements.

In London, a noted economist is killed, execution style, in his flat. What changed? What do these victims have in common?

Criminology  professor, Marin Ryan,  and billionaire boyfriend, John Hunter, figure out the connection and realize there are more potential victims––including someone very dear. Can they stop these professionals in time? The sixth book in the Ryan–Hunter series by Thomas Donahue and Criminologist Karen Donahue takes you on a suspenseful ride that never stops.    

A reader of the Ryan–Hunter series wrote, Kept me up all night. Intrigue at its best. Another added, …with such an interesting plot, and totally unexpected surprises appearing often. Suspense, intrigue, and glitter all in one package.

Mysteries & Thrillers
December 19
Perfect Wave Publishing
Perfect Wave Publishing

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