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For Composers Who Want Greater Technique: 3rd Edition

Designed for composers who have basic musicianship skills, this program begins with an explanation of the creative process and proceeds to provide composers with several exercises to improve technique. Composers receive multi-level exercises designed to improve the ear and analytical ability through practical composition exercises.

Develop Composition Skill Through a Daily Practice Routine

Grab a napkin and start notating your ideas anywhere

Performers have scales, arpeggios, and repertoire to help develop technique. Studying an instrument requires a formal program of instruction that's designed to develop technique and skill. As a composer, you can also develop your technique so that when inspiration hits, you're ready to write down your ideas.

Inspired by Master Composer, Johann Sebastian Bach

A fugue a day for breakfast helped Bach become one of the greatest composers

Bach was known for his ability to create music quickly. He reportedly composed a composition every morning as a warm-up exercise. For composers, the old maxim of "use it or lose it" is absolutely true. The more you compose, the better you'll become. Developing a better overall technique requires practice. Any composer can improve, but it requires work and challenging exercises to achieve mastery of your craft. Complete time-tested exercises and develop your practice routine to become a more effective composer.

The Technique Builder Course

Take the first step towards writing more effective compositions

Each chapter provides insight into the technical side of composing music. Create a practice routine, and get to work improving your ability to compose effective music. Increase your knowledge and accomplish the following goals:

◆ Create a program to develop your technique

◆ Learn to analyze scores and hear printed music in your mind

◆ Discover how to color your compositions with unique instrument combinations

◆ Unleash your potential and refine your ear to create music anywhere

◆ Uncover the "secret" guidelines used by music publishers, adjudicators, and colleges use to weed out composers quickly

◆ Discover the basic principles of music composition to help you improve your music

A Course for All Composers

Exercises for the beginning, intermediate, and advanced composer

Each chapter is designed to meet you at your current level and propel you to the next one. Designed for all composers, most exercises allow you to choose from three levels to match your level of experience. Begin to work on your technique today and compose your story. Exercises designed for composers at all levels:

◆ Beginning Composers: Come to this course with only a basic knowledge of music theory, and you'll be able to dramatically improve your understanding of the basic principles of music composition.

◆ Intermediate Composers: Enjoy intermediate exercises to help take your technique and music to the next level.

◆ Advanced Composers: Refine and solidify your technique to ensure you're prepared to create music that will stand the test of time.

Music Composition Technique Series: Vol. II

The Music Composition Technique Builder continues the path to musical mastery. Volume III teaches composers the craft of counterpoint and harmony. Volume IV completes the training by refining the composer's craft and turning it into art.

Please note: This is not a course. It is a series of techniques with guidance on how to create your own composition routine. Every composer is different and needs to create their own schedule based on the techniques provided.

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January 27
Kevin Ure

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