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Piper and Janie meet when they're 12 y/o and become best friends immediately. Piper is infatuated with Janie's dad, John, the moment she sees him.

When Piper and Janie turn 18, Piper thinks Janie's dad would still never be interested in her, but she's in for a surprise. And then there's gorgeous, 23 y/o, pre-vet med student Andrew, who makes his appearance in Piper's (and subsequently Janie's) life when Piper and John hit a rough spot. Lots of twists and turns, and of course, lots and lots of hot sex.

I crept out of Janie’s room and when I got to the living room, John was still in the recliner and saw me right away.
“Hello, Miss Williams,” he said.
“Hi,” I responded, genius that I am.
“Janie pass out on you?”
“Yes,” I said and smiled.
“Would you like to watch a little TV with me until you get sleepy?” he asked me and winked.
“I’d like that,” I said and moved to sit on the couch.
“Why don’t you come here and sit on my lap. I don’t bite,” he said with a grin and patted his leg.
I tentatively walked over to the recliner and turned to back up onto his lap, but I felt his hands on my waist and he turned me back around.
“Straddle my lap so you’re facing me. That way we can talk,” he told me.
“I thought we were going to watch TV,” my stupid mouth said before my brain could stop me.
“Did you really come out here to watch TV?” he asked me with a smile, his hands still on my waist.
“Um, no.”
“Then get your pretty ass up here,” he said and hoisted me onto his lap and helped me settle my legs over his hips with my butt on his thighs. “There, that’s better. Now talk to me, Piper. You’ve been a fixture in this house for six years and I know you almost as well as I know Janie. So, tell me something about yourself that I don’t know.”
I felt my face get hot because not only was I really turned on, but the only things I could think of were all sexual, and I couldn’t say any of those things!
“You’re blushing,” he said, and one corner of his mouth turned up into a smile that showcased one of his absurdly sexy dimples. “It must be something good.” He kissed my cheek tenderly and rubbed my back.
I hesitated but he kept looking at me, expecting an answer. “Tell me,” he whispered, tracing patterns on my back with his fingers.
“I’m still a virgin,” I blurted out, embarrassed.
“You don’t need to feel embarrassed, especially with me. I think that’s really hot,” he said. I looked down, feeling embarrassed anyway, and immediately saw the outline of his dick through his underwear. Unable to tear my eyes away, I watched as his bulge grew right in front of me. Okay, I can do this. His fingers trailed down my back to my butt and I shivered.
“Now you tell me something that I don’t know,” I countered.
With zero hesitation on his part, he said, “You make me hard."

Fiction & Literature
June 1
Marie James
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