My Big Fat Bloodsucker Wedding

A Paranormal Rom Com with Bite

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Publisher Description

It’s all fun and games…until you stake your sister’s fiancé. 

Okay, fine! I’m not really going to stake Colin or his brother, the insufferable, bossy-fanged Darcy Blackmore. At least not as long as I can find another way to stop our siblings from getting hitched.

My sister, Annie, won’t admit it, but she doesn’t love Colin. She’s sacrificing herself so we can stay in Nightfall, New Hampshire, and renew the magical shield keeping the paranormal creatures here, including witches like us, safe from human discovery. 

I have ten days to find another way—aside from a bloodsucker wedding—to secure our legacy and not a lead in sight. So, imagine my surprise when the wretched, though admittedly smoking hot, Darcy comes to the rescue. 

His scheme? 

We pretend to be hot for each other, trick Annie and Colin into confessing they don’t really want to tie the knot, and sort out how to save the town once the wedding bells are silenced—permanently. 

It’s not a bad plan. In theory.

If only Darcy wasn’t every bit as delicious as he is obnoxious. If only he’d kept his secret sweet side under wraps and kissing him wasn’t the most amazing thing to happen to my lips in my entire life. If only this fake love had stayed fake, instead of creeping into my heart on stealthy little vampire feet. 

Now I have a decision to make—keep faking it with the world’s sexiest vampire until I lose big at love, yet again, or leave my new hometown and all the people I’m coming to love behind. Forever.

February 8
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Customer Reviews

Szmoromou ,

The Vamp and The Goblin

I am a bit picky when it comes to supernatural romances, but Bella Jacob did not disappoint in My Big Fat Bloodsucker Wedding. It was filled with humor, romance, spice, mystery, and kingship. Blair and her sister have just moved into Nightfall. Blair and her twin sister Annie are the newbies in town, the witches that the town has been waiting for and needing for quite some time. Annie is the quiet, sweet, delicate, librarian type whereas Bella is the rough, tough, "I don't need a man" type. Annie has decided she will be the one to sacrifice herself and marry Colin, one of the elders in town to help keep Nightfall safe and renew the shield that has been protecting the town's identity. Blair is not happy and she has decided she will do everything and anything to stop this union from happening, even if it means she has to pair up with Darcy, Colin's brother. Blair doesn't trust the blood-sucking brothers and prefers to do things on her own, but when she realizes that Blair is also on the same mission to stop his brother from marrying Annie, the duo decides it will be quicker and easier to work together. Although Blair and Darcy can't stand each other, they can't deny the CRAZY CHEMISTRY between them. The more time they spend together the harder it is to resist it. It's funny when enemies turn out to be something a little more. What's even better.... when Darcy and Blair realize that the joke is on them.... This was my first read by author Bella Jacobs and definitely not my last.

LadyP05 ,


Love it sweetie thanks

coffeegoddesstmk ,

Thumbs Up, Fangs Out, Sparks Flying Fun

Vampires, witches, and all sorts of zaniness...what do these have in common? They all figure prominently in MY BIG FAT BLOODSUCKER WEDDING by author Bella Jacobs. I love paranormal romance, and when there's a big helping of laughter, even better. Bella's done a bang-up job of making me fall in love with Nightfall, New Hampshire and the, er, folks that live there.

Finding out that your mom was a witch, and that you and your sisters are also witches is a big deal, but also discovering that vampires are, indeed, a thing, and that you or one of your siblings is the key to saving the town that you've come to call home is kind of a lot. Topping things off is one heck of a surly, maddening, and also sexy vampire that may or may not be a part of the puzzle as well.

Blaire, with her self-assured take no nonsense attitude, is the perfect foil for Darcy and his seemingly stuffy and high-handed ways. Every romance lover knows that these things are like kindling for the upcoming blaze, and Bella delivers with both heat and humor.

The first in a series, MY BIG FAT BLOODSUCKER WEDDING is just the thing for readers that enjoy plenty of sass, surprises, and steam in their paranormal romances. It's an easy and fun read, and paves the way for more fun and such coming from Bella in MY BIG FAT BLOODSUCKER SECRET, hitting the shelves in the very near future. Thumbs up, fangs out, sparks flying fun to be had here, so dive in and enjoy. ❤️

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