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New year, new you? That is what Eliza is hopeful for. When she thinks about her life, she feels like it has been one big streak of bad luck, starting with her parents' death in a car accident when she was just nine-years-old. And with her hair salon not doing so well, she is really starting to get worried.

Which is why she decides to rent out the cabin her grandmother left her in her will. And this cabin is quickly rented by Milo, which seems to be the first sign that her luck might be turning around. 

Of course, having a handsome billionaire renting her property complicates some things while it solves others. She quickly finds herself attracted to him, but they both are reserved about things. She is still recovering from the death of her grandmother—the only family she had left—and he is just starting to live again after getting the all clear from his oncologist. 

Can these two overcome their reservation and begin a life together? Or will their past cause things to fizzle out before they really begin?

December 16
Alexa Davis
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

Burrisaurus ,


There’s a reason this author has so many FREE books in the same “billionaire” collection - they’re bad. Painfully drawn out and awkward. Finally finished a book because I wanted to see if the ending was worth it... it’s not. I gave it two stars because although it was laborious to get through, occasionally the author pulled off ten pages that kept me engaged (and encouraged). Not reading this author again.

Kimbo1216 ,


I love a good billionaire story, but this one had too many writing mistakes. And I’m not even talking about typos really. I’m talking about poor structure and stiff dialogue.

This author needs a serious editor.

Also, visiting Oregon from Vegas would mean making a trip UP, not down. Simple mistakes like that are distracting.

I don’t need perfect grammatical structure, but so many of the sentences were so awkwardly constructed that I had to stop reading.

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