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It’s holiday time at Canterlot High! Sunset Shimmer is still getting used to life on campus, and her new friends. When mean rumors start to circulate, all signs point to Sunset as the source. Will she be able to find the true meaning of the holidays and clear her name?

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December 17
IDW Publishing
Idea and Design Works, LLC

Customer Reviews

cloud Kaper ,

😢I feel like Sunset Shimmer/I love this story💖

I love this book, I had the same problem as Sunset, well I’m having the problem right now. Someone is spreading a rumor about my friend so I told others to be careful. But now people think I’m spreading rumors but I’m not.

zo zo 10 ,

Sunset shimmer is sooo annoying

Honestly I think sunset shimmer is taking over mlp equestria girls I mean twilight IS the main character in the show and sunset stole flash sentry from twilight yea yea I know sunset and flash used to date but that DOESNT mean she can steal him like that maybe twilight still likes flash sentry so in my words hasbro plz plz plz remove sunset shimmer and replace her with starlight glimmer

Mlplover65 ,

Fast Pace

This book was really interesting and a great mystery to solve. It's full of comedy and silliness that get the whole gang together. At first it moved pretty decent, and I thought that was good. But towards the end everything happened a little fast. I really enjoyed this story but I feel as if it could have used a little more detail! Still, this book was a 5/5!

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