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Take a rousing romp through 1790s England with this third book in the Properly Spanked series…

The Earl of Augustine has always thought of Lady Minette as a sister, but when a nocturnal adventure goes horribly awry, he’s forced to make her his bride.
Now his friend Warren is furious with him, the jilted Lady Priscilla is spreading ugly gossip, his father’s illness is worsening, and Minette is…well…being Minette. Flighty, exuberant, and utterly irascible, she wants a true marriage, when all August can see is the impish girl he rescued from scrapes as a child.

But Minette has idolized Lord August for years, as long as she can remember, and she’s determined to make their union a passionate and fulfilling one. She launches caper after caper in an effort to capture his attention and awaken his masculine hungers. Unfortunately, all she seems to accomplish are repeated disciplinary sessions over his lap.

Can she make August realize she’s the love of his life in time to save their crumbling marriage—and her smarting backside? Or will he hold her at arm’s length forever, refusing to acknowledge the powerful emotions she stirs in his heart?

January 16
Annabel Joseph
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

KairaHana ,

Not my fav of the series.

After the first two books I was really excited read lovely Minette’s story, she’d grown to become one of my favorite supporting character’s, and was looking forward to getting to know August more as well. The plot wasn’t as lively and mysterious as I’d expected it to be, it became more annoyingly repetitive with August’s constant moaning about not being able to see Minette differently, which of course was to be expected but I would have liked to see that plot line move on a bit faster. The fact that the marital bliss only came at the end of the book felt like a great waste of time, but otherwise I’m glad it at least ended well. Excited to read the next book and hoping Arlington’s story is a bit better paced!

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