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A clan caught in an evil web. A witch who must sacrifice everything to save them…

Safe in Rafe’s arms at last, Miranda thinks the worst of the danger is past. She is dead wrong. The Castillo prima is murdered, and the clan is trapped by a hex. No one can leave New Mexico — or even send out a distress call.

Worse, Simon’s evil magic sends dark spells against the clan, targeting the vulnerable new prima herself. Desperate to keep anyone else from being hurt, Miranda has no other choice. She surrenders to Simon — only to discover his grand plan extends far beyond possessing her body. He covets her powers to summon the darkest demon of them all.

As Rafe works feverishly to track Miranda’s location, protect the clan, and find a loophole in Simon’s entrapment spell, Miranda realizes there is only one way to defeat Simon once and for all. Take on more power than she’s ever handled before. Make a deal with the lord of all demons. And risk everything to fulfill a destiny set in motion long before Rafe was a glimmer in her heart.

May 3
Dark Valentine Press
Joy Sillesen

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IAGram ,


Mysterious Ways by Christine Pope is the third book in the Witches of Canyon Road.
Note: this review contains spoilers!
Once I started this book, I couldn’t put it down! The story begins with Rafe and Miranda responding to the news of the death of Rafe’s mother. And the news for them and the Castillo clan gets worse from there. Realizing Simon Escobar is responsible for her death, the Castillos and Miranda fight to keep the clan safe as the plan to take him down. Simon is one step ahead of them blocking all communication to clans outside the state and putting the new prima Louisa into a coma. Then there are the demons that show up at Genoveva‘s funeral. Miranda goes with Simon again to help protect the clan, but even she isn’t ready for Simon to summons the Lord of Chaos! He, however, doesn’t like being summoned and works with Miranda to get free.
The story is even crazier from there, but you have got to read it! There is so much action, determination, love, and honor jammed into this book, you won’t be able to put it down either!

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