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Narcissistic abuse is a form of abuse that ensures victims are left emotionally drained, mentally exhausted, and devoid of any self-worth or self-esteem. I was a victim of a malignant narcissist for seven years of my life, and I know just how crushing it is to live such an abusive and suppressed life. The helplessness and detachment from reality that comes with narcissistic abuse are enough to keep you in the tight grip of the abuser for as long as they choose.

However, I eventually found the courage to leave my abuser, but it didn't end there. As you may know, ending a relationship with a narcissist isn't that easy - even if it was the narc who did the breaking up. They don't just 'let you go' - they try to make sure you'll go through hell before you get one over on them.

In this book, I want to offer you some guidance on this rarely-talked about aspect of an abusive relationship: how to deal with a narcissist when they're your ex. The chapter list is as follows:

Why you shouldn't go back and why you need to move on

Why you need to go 'no contact' and ways you can do this

How to stop missing your abuser

Understanding and dealing with 'hoovering' after a break-up

Narcissistic stalking

How to deal with 'flying monkeys'

Survivor stories from two former narcissistic abuse victims

Throughout the book, I also offer some of my own story too, in the hopes that this offers you a sense of familiarity. You'll likely find that thing things I went through are very similar to your own experiences, and the purpose of this book is to get you to the point where I'm currently at: healed and thriving.

June 22
Escape The Narcissist
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