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Winner of the Hugo, Nebula, and Philip K. Dick Awards, Neuromancer is a science fiction masterpiece—a classic that ranks as one of the twentieth century’s most potent visions of the future.

Case was the sharpest data-thief in the matrix—until he crossed the wrong people and they crippled his nervous system, banishing him from cyberspace. Now a mysterious new employer has recruited him for a last-chance run at an unthinkably powerful artificial intelligence. With a dead man riding shotgun and Molly, a mirror-eyed street-samurai, to watch his back, Case is ready for the adventure that upped the ante on an entire genre of fiction.

Neuromancer was the first fully-realized glimpse of humankind’s digital future—a shocking vision that has challenged our assumptions about technology and ourselves, reinvented the way we speak and think, and forever altered the landscape of our imaginations.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
July 1
Penguin Publishing Group

Customer Reviews

W2S ,

Books don't get better than this!

If you live in the modern world... If you use a computer... If you have ever been "on" the Internet... If you like a good story... If you like strong, vivid prose... Then you must read this book.

FractalJack ,

The future was then, but it shows up now and also later

According to lore, Gibson got the idea of this epic book from watching Escape from New york. The line that planted the seed was: "You flew the gulffire over leningrad," From that we got cyberspace and a sort of reverse engineered computer reality. While it did not create cyberpunk, it gave it the shove to the front that made if break into reality. Read it, love it, live it. I just wish Willam would get back on the ball and write some more like it, unlike his last two.

MIkeH in Austin ,

A Few Diamonds in this Dustbin

There are a few ideas here that are pretty impressively prescient, given when the book was written. And there are some strong characters and vivid action scenes. But the plot is really a wreck. Quite difficult to follow in terms of what’s going on. Lots of first person narration from very drug-addled or tech-distorted perspectives. The number of people who give this 5 stars leaves me baffled. It’s a badly written book with a few strong points.

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