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This is the first book in the Never Enough Series written in Lucia Jordan’s signature style that will have you wanting more and more!

Twenty-nine-year-old Cara Jones has been a weakling all her life. Slight of build and terrible at sports, she was virtually invisible as a youngster, and later abandoned by an uncaring ex-husband. Alone and with a young child to care for, government aid helps her to earn a college degree and finally take charge of her life. In the small bedroom community of Beauville, she finds the two things she needs—a respectable job and a safe place to raise her son, Dawson.

But when Cara meets Dawson’s new martial arts instructor, the handsome sensei Bryan Villeneuve, she gets much much more than she bargained for. 

As Bryan and Cara’s attraction grows, so does Cara’s insight into Bryan’s dramatic world of competition, performance enhancement and kinky sex. Bryan provides things she feels she’s missed out on—a newfound social life and an intoxicatingly-charged love affair. Life becomes exciting for Cara…maybe a little too exciting. Didn’t she come to Beuville to settle down? 

Or has she been too swept up in desire?

March 9
Vasko Books
Vasko Pty Ltd

Customer Reviews

SweetMagnolia! ,

Never Enough BookOne by Lucia Jordan

Love It! I can’t wait to find out what happens next to the Student and the Master!!

G000girl ,

Never Enough by Lucia Jordan

Cara Jones, newly divorced, works as a pharmacist at the Beauville Super Save Drug Mart to support her 6 year old son Dawson. Cara is urged to sign Dawson up for Karate class by a schoolmates mother. The lessons go well, and an affair with instructor, Bryan Villeneuve is hot. Everything is great until Dawson gets injured during his first tournament. Cara blames Bryan for everything.

53alajack ,

Never Enough book1, Lucia Joran, iBook

Love the book and the characters..worth reading!

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