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The last thing Iris needs is a man with his head in the clouds.  

Lincoln Walker is a nice man—far too nice to date someone like Iris. The man has rich, beautiful, and successful business women wanting to date him. She calls tending bar a career. 

He’s naive enough to find her charming which makes Iris more determined to keep her distance. Iris is not a fool or naive. Nice men don’t date broke women staying at hostels. Her mum may have raised her to be a survivor, but her worst enemy is herself. 

Imagine Cinderella never getting to the ball. Imagine Cinderella turning forty and still scrubbing fireplaces for a living. That would be the fairytale version of Iris’s life.

She’s got no time to waste on dating Prince Charming—or rather, Prince Walker. The man owns his own kingdom and yet chooses to fly balloons for a living. Iris chooses to take down rowdy drunks in bars. Cupid better not shoot an arrow her way or she’ll take him down too.

In her life, love and romance are temporary. That’s all Iris can afford.

September 24
Donna McDonald
Donna McDonald

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Contessajj ,

A witty romp into the mature dating scene

Nice guy Lincoln Walker is back for his own match. However, the woman he’s interested in isn’t a “The Perfect Date” client. Iris Pendleton is a down on her luck Brit stranded in the States until she can save enough money for a flight back to the UK, so she can lick her wounds and sort her life. I love that Lincoln is over 40 and Iris is about to turn 40, they’ve both been around the block. Maybe Iris more than Lincoln, but they’ve both been disillusioned, leaving them gun shy. These quirky characters quickly claim your heart and make you smile. The storytelling keeps you riveted and rooting for this delightful couple.

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