Book 2 - Whatever It Takes

Never Fall for the Bride's Father

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Publisher Description

Power outages. Runaway brides. Collapsed wedding cakes. Tainted caviar. Handsy grooms. 

And the always classic: jealous MILs who wear white.

No wedding catastrophe can faze Katie Gallagher, because when you plan for the worst, you deliver the best.

The best wedding ever.

Her company, Wedding Protectors, Inc., promises happily ever afters. Guaranteed. Whatever it takes.

But always-prepared Katie? She’s steering clear of her own HEA. Years of dating older, wealthy, alpha businessmen who treat her like an ornament has left a bad taste in her mouth.

And some bruises on her ego. 

Love is her job. Not her destiny.

So when she falls for silver fox and self-made millionaire Patrick Cooper, she breaks a rule so taboo, it doesn’t technically exist:

Never fall for the bride’s father.

Enter Patrick, a widowed art dealer with salt-and-pepper charm. He can't resist trying to share an Uber with the captivating, enticingly stubborn blonde. Their encounter? Classic enemies-to-lovers. Sparks fly, but not the good kind... at first.

Starting off on the wrong foot left a terrible impression, but when a series of coincidences pushes them together, the more time they spend with each other, the more the lines blur. 

Chance favors the risk-takers, so when he takes a leap of faith and gets a passionate kiss that rocks his world, Katie opens closed doors in his heart.

Can he really have a new soulmate — 

Or is this just a May-December fling?

Welcome to the Whatever It Takes series, where every book is a complete HEA and a standalone within the same world, with one couple per book:

Every bride needs something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue -


But you know what brides don't need?


Welcome to Wedding Protectors, Inc. Have a spritzer or a latte or some lovely Zen tea and sink into a comfortable chair in our sunlit offices as we listen to your wedding problem – and form the perfect solution to every possible contingency. 

We plan for everything.

Except our own love lives.

But that's not your problem. ;)

Book 1: Never Plan a Billionaire’s Wedding

Book 2: Never Fall for the Bride’s Father

February 29
Prosaic Press
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