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At six-foot-four, Detective Shelley Krieg is the giantess of DC Metro--a tough cop who's paid her dues. But when Rafael Hooks is arrested for killing his brother, Shelley finds herself not only fighting the system but also questioning her relationships with her co-workers and her closest friends.

It seems like an open-and-shut case: Raffi confesses to murdering his drug-dealing brother. But nothing is as it seems. Each time Shelley finds evidence to exonerate Raffi, new evidence arises out of thin air to confirm his guilt.

With no allies left at DC Metro, Shelley turns to her estranged friend Yasmira Tamer for help. Together Shelley and Mira uncover a web of deceit and corruption that links a Russian assassin, a high-paid DC call girl, and an urban Robin Hood who renovates his crack houses before donating them to the poor.

Never Kill a Friend is a taut, suspenseful novel of conflicting loyalties, friends found and lost, and power in the wrong hands. It is a finely wrought tale of one woman's quest to do the right thing for an innocent man.

Mysteries & Thrillers
June 25
Ransom Note Press
Ransom Note Press LLC

Customer Reviews

TdeV01 ,

A satisfying treat!

Detective Shelley Krieg’s actions as a bad cop gives me a bad taste and I wonder whether to quit the story, having little stomach for bullies. But then, neither does Shelley.

NEVER KILL A FRIEND (©2015) by Martin Hill is slow to start but my interest keeps building. Detective Krieg doesn’t do what I’m expecting. Neither does author Martin Hill Ortiz.

Some of the language is lyrical. The crimes are gruesome. Banter between friendly workmates is titillating. Carping by adversaries intrigues.

Some stories swoop the reader into becoming a character in the story. NEVER KILL A FRIEND maintains a mile high view watching the dance of flawed humans trying to steer events with self-interest, compounded by conceit. An elusive conundrum.

Friends are definitely tested in this story. And you can’t turn your back on a single one.


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