Never My Love

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He finally finds a woman he can love, but she wants to be president of the United States!

Annalise Manwaring inherited the ambition gene from her presidential father. She planned her schooling and each of her jobs all to reach her goal of occupying the Oval Office. Nothing’s going to stop her.

Luke Branson has always resented Annalise, even before he met her. Wounded by life, he was poor and scrapped for necessities and an education, whereas she was given everything on a silver platter. Even when he meets her as an adult at The Justice Project, he can’t quell those old feelings.

However, when new feelings emerge for them both, they’re forced to chose between their jobs and their love. Or are they? Set in the world of D.C. politics, watch and see how these two star-crossed lovers interact. With the stakes so high, will they figure out a way to be together?

Take a look at all the President’s Daughters: NEVER MY LOVE, LIE WITH ME, BE MINE AGAIN, NOT FOR YOU and LOST TO US.

February 1
Ocean View Books
Mary C. Schaefer

Customer Reviews

777sails ,

Never My Love

I received a complimentary copy of this book and I am voluntarily reviewing it.

I adored this story. This is a first book in the author's new series, The President's Daughters. It has been some time since President James Manwaring has made an appearance. He first appeared in an earlier series, To Serve and Protect. Also Alessio Gentileschi, the King of Casarina, who was the father to the daughters of the Gentileschi Sisters make a small appearance. It felt like getting back in touch with some old friends.

This story is a solid one and a great start to the series. It is written in a multi-person POV. I love how the plot flowed from scene to scene. There were some really poignant ones and some really funny ones. My emotions were high then low. Laughter and tears here. I really can't wait for more stories of the Manwaring sisters.

Annalise Manwaring is the oldest daughter of the former President. She herself wants to run for that particular office some day. Currently she just started to work at The Justice Project (TJP). This will be a great foundation to her political aspirations. She will still work at the law firm one day a week to help with pro bono clients. The sticky point is her new boss doesn't like her. Luke Branson is one of the senior members at TJP.

Luke went into the foster system along with his younger brother at an early age. Once Luke became an adult, he changed his name to put the past behind him. Unfortunately that meant that his brother would not be able to locate him when they were older. Luke is jealous of Annalise's tight-knit family. She had the proverbial "silver spoon" while he struggled and scraped for everything his had.

These two are total opposites in almost every way. I love how the author wove such an intriguing tale. I really hated to see this come to an end. I can't wait for the next book.

There were some slightly sexy scenes that were not too graphic in nature but short and brief. They never over-powered the story in my opinion.

37Karen ,

New series

This is the first book in Kathryn Shay’s new series about the daughters of former President Manwaring. Annalise works at the Justice Project where they research candidates for office and decide who to endorse. She works with Luke Branson who initially resents the life of privilege that Annalise grew up in since he had a life of struggle in foster care. As they get to know each other better, their attraction grows. Annalise loves politics and has ambitions to one day be a candidate for president. We also get to meet Annalise’s sisters who will each have their own story in the future books of this series. Looking forward to reading the other books in this series.

Grinandstampit ,

Looking forward to this new series

This book took a few chapters for me to fully engage. But about 1/3 in I was beginning to really enjoy it. Annalise is head strong and goal oriented. And independent as you would expect from a first born but she is also very close to her family. Luke is her new boss and has come from a very different and challenging upbringing. They seem to be at odds from the day Annalise begins her new position. Over time as they break down some barriers they are cordial…and more. Kathryn Shay writes unique characters with real world flaws and issues. I love how these two eventually resolve issues. No spoilers here but a very good book. Also loved catching up with the Manwarings of the Serve and Protect Series. Looking forward to book 2 in this series.

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