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Nick Stark had known Addison West for quite some time. Although they’d never met in person they shared the same nightmare―both were unwilling participants. However, through these dreams they had formed a bond between them. And a telepathic connection. So when out of the blue, Addie contacted Nick and told him she had seen some things that she shouldn’t have and she was next on the killer’s list, Nick didn’t hesitate to come to her rescue.

Nick had known for some time that Addie was to be his―why else would they share the same dream? But he was in no hurry to form emotional attachments. Never having much in the way of a decent family life, he didn’t know much about love. And with the deep emotional scars he bore from an abusive childhood, he didn’t want to bring that burden onto another soul―especially Addie.

Addie had her own baggage. Her father had been forcing her to marry an abusive man―he told her it was her duty as his daughter to obey him. Addie wasn’t having any part of it, so she ran…. She had been hiding for the last five years.

Nick may not have wanted any attachments but he couldn’t ignore the beauty he’d rescued. But there were things he had to tell her…about all of them…about Steele Bennett’s group. He wasn’t sure how she fit into all this….

July 2
World Castle Publishing, LLC
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Sunsh!ne09 ,

In The Nick of Time

How do you prepare for a fight against evil ghosts?

Haunted by the dreams of a faceless woman. Each night he watched her die. Some nights her beauty turned into a nightmare from his past. One that has come back to haunt him.

A heartless killing machine is on the rampage, in her path is Addie. Addie calls to Nick as she lays there, believing she is about to die. Escaping death, Addie is thrust into a world she's unprepared for and doesn't want to accept at first. Addie learns that she's about to join a fight against ghosts hell bent on revenge, Nicks step-father and her unwanted fiancé. And evil is bringing backup...

Packed full of twists and turns, you will be stunned when things happen that you don't expect. A grandmother that everyone wants named Evie. A house with a violent, horrible past. A book of guidelines for the dead. Lovers and family reunited. And one hell of an ending. So a couple of double takes and whiplash should be expected. A box of tissues is recommended. Its gripping, heartbreaking, yet uplifting with the show of love and compassion, this book will definitely leave you wanting more.

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