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Army veteran and mechanic Sully Dolan spent decades avoiding a serious relationship. After how he’d been raised, he never understood why people bothered with love. Sex, sleep and food were all he needed. Then he meets Detective Jane Cooper.

Sully was supposed to be a one-night-stand. From the moment Jane gripped his hair and fell naked onto his bed, she’d told herself as much. Only one night turned into two, then three… Jane wants to be with Sully, but because of a dark secret that could destroy her if discovered, she brings their relationship to a screeching halt.

After Sully’s best friend is found unconscious on the side of a road, with a dead man next to him, Jane is thrust back into his life as lead detective for the investigation. Although bitter she ended things between them, Sully still misses her. But after too many rejections, how could he trust that she won’t stomp on his heart again? As they try to work through their differences, the past comes back to haunt Jane. Not only could her secrets be revealed and once again tear her and Sully apart, if she isn’t careful…she could lose her life.

*This book was originally titled SULLY

November 29
Kristine Mason
Kristine Thompson

Customer Reviews

TommyDi ,

A real page turner

What a treat in time for your holiday reading!

Sully was the fun, easy going one of the group; or so we thought. It turns out that Sully Dolan has a past that has him disillusioned with ideas of "happily ever after". That doesn't stop him, however, from falling for Detective Jane Cooper. Even after Jane suddenly breaks things off with Sully, she was all he could think about.

Seven months later, Ross, Sully’s best friend, is found next to a dead man and is severely beaten. When Jane is assigned to the case, it takes everything she has not to let on that Sully just might be the man of her dreams.

This is a story about doing the wrong things for the right reasons. As usual, Kristine leads us through the darkness to a joyful place where these two soulmates just might find each other, for keeps.

Throughout the Mayhem, we root for these characters to find their way back to one another, while some flirty and not so subtle foreshadowing hint at some steamy things to come in Ross and Heidi’s story.

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