Nobody Knows Nobody Knows
Book 11 - SWAT Generation 2.0

Nobody Knows

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Publisher Description

All he ever wanted was to matter to someone.

What he didn’t know was that he did matter to someone.

Someone that worried about him every single day that he was gone.


Malachi Gabriel Gnocchi was missing for two years. Thanks to a mission gone wrong, not only had he been captured, but his best friend along with his fellow teammates had been taken, too.

He spent two years in hell, hoping and praying that one day he’d get to go home.

And one day he does. Only, he isn’t the same person that left. Every single thing that made him Malachi is no more.


Sierra started writing to soldiers overseas through the soldier pen pal program when she was in high school. Years later, she had no idea that the one soldier that she’d been paired up with in the very beginning would be the one man that would change her world eight years down the road.

When the letters from her soldier stopped, she knew that something bad had happened.

When they started back up again two years after the last letter, she thought that someone was playing a joke on her.

Only, that joke wasn’t a joke at all.

The man on the other end of those letters is a man that’s dying slowly from the inside out.

He’s a living, breathing, mess and there’s only one thing she can do to help him.

Write him back and hope that she can bring him back from the edge.

November 10
Lani Lynn Vale
Dixie Wardens Inc.

Customer Reviews

I want this book ,

A must read

Lani knocks it out of the park again. Every book she makes you fall in love with the characters. It is amazing getting this second generation because we do get to see the characters we fell in love with. Lani does leave bread crumbs for other books or series. And we got one in this book also. Which brings a smile because we think we know something and then lani goes a completely different think that we thought would happen.
One of top favorite couples in all her books.

Samantha B. Sokol ,

Can’t get enough of this series with only 1 book left!

Can’t get enough of this series with only 1 book left! Sierra started writing to Malachi during high school for an assignment but they ended up continuing to write and keep in touch until one day Malachi’s letters stopped. A few years later Sierra receives a letter again from Malachi and they start to contact each other again. There is just so much to this book that makes it that much more epic. When these two meet in person, they don’t realize who they actually are to each other since Malachi now goes by his middle name and they don’t realize how small the town actually is. In addition, Sierra finally decides to have a family herself since she can’t find mister right and there ends up being a mistake with that as well. I was so excited to finally get the story of Malachi and his horrible parents – and LLV did not disappoint with it! Without giving anything away, thankfully this couple gets everything they need and more and it all works out for them in the end. It’s crazy how things happen in this story that you can’t tell if it’s ironic or just fate. What an epic book. I cannot wait for the next book, although it’s the last month in the year therefore the last book!
I voluntarily read and reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.

easwain ,

Lani Lynn Vale is unstoppable! Elizabeth @ Carolina Chic’s Read

Malachi and Sierra’s story is one that was filled with two people who were meant for each other... everything that happened in their lives when they were apart brought them one step to the other.


Lani Lynn Vale brings the soul crushing drama to their story and has you gasping and begging for more. At one point I looked at my husband and said “You can’t make this up!” then laughed because she did. Lani Lynn Vale is an amazing writer and knows how to make you love her characters.

5 Soul Crushing Stars! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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