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Previously published in the collection Egg Nog Murder.

‘Twas the week before Christmas, and Julia Snowden’s escape from New York has just hit a snag. Fresh off accidentally poisoning half her colleagues with her “Killer Eggnog,” Julia’s would-be subletter, Imogen Geinkes, is now jobless and homeless—leading Julia to invite the young woman home for the holidays in Maine. But when they unload the rental truck in Busman’s Harbor, they find something that wasn’t on anyone’s packing list: the body of Imogen’s former boyfriend.
Suddenly, the wordplay in Imogen’s name—“I’m a jinx”—isn’t so adorable. But for all the calamities that follow in Imogen’s wake, Julia’s certain she’s no killer. As Julia digs into the case, the appearance of the ex’s brother—his identical twin—doubles the confusion. Has Imogene been double-crossed by an evil twin? Was the eggnog “accident” no accident at all? If Julia doesn’t unwrap the murderer’s true identity soon, one of the twelve days of Christmas could be her last . . .

Praise for Steamed Open
“Sure to appeal to readers who treasure the Maine coast, Ross’s latest continues the lives and minor dramas of her fictionalized version of Boothbay Harbor with amiable characters.”
—Kirkus Reviews

Mysteries & Thrillers
November 1
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Customer Reviews

Kris Anderson, The Avid Reader ,

A Christmas whodunit

Nogged off by Barbara Ross is a part of the A Maine Clambake Mystery series. If you read Eggnog Murder which came out a year ago (three novellas in one book), then you have already enjoyed Nogged Off. Julia Snowden goes to clear out her Tribeca apartment and ends up taking Imogen Geinkes home to her mother’s house for the holidays. Murder and confusion soon ensues. I enjoyed reading Nogged Off. It is well-written and proceeds at a steady pace. Julia, Chris, Gus, Julia’s mother are all included in the story. It can be read as a standalone for those new to the series. I thought the whodunit was clever with a surprising twist. In addition, there are some mysterious happenings at the Snowden house. They are beginning to wonder if the house is haunted. I enjoyed the humor sprinkled throughout Nogged Off. Nogged Off is an entertaining novella with a curious mystery, Christmas traditions, good food, family, friends, humor and a little mayhem.

Carol M Smith ,

Barbara Ross’ Nogged Off

While Busman, Maine is busy preparing
for the Christmas holiday, Julia Snowden
of the Snowden Family Clambake Company
is returning to New York to collect her belongings.
She has been subletting her apartment so this
will be her final trip to New York.
When she arrives, she discovers the person,
Imogen, who is subletting the apartment a
hysterical mess.
Seems the eggnog Imogen made for the
Christmas party sent everyone who drank it to
the hospital.
Imogen is jobless, her boyfriend left her plus
she has nowhere to go as she can’t afford the
apartment. Julia offers to take Imogen to
Busman, Maine to stay with Mrs. Snowden.
But trouble seems to follow Imogen.......
The moving truck with all Julia’s belonging from
New York gets stolen out of Julia’s Mothers
driveway. At the parade of boats when Santa
arrives....Imogen manages to knock Santa into
the water. At the decorated tree competition...
Imogen manages to knock over all the trees. Then
Imogen’s ex-boyfriend ends up murdered inside
the stolen truck.
But when the boyfriend shows up alive or is it
his identical twin brother.....What is happening?
Who is trying to fool whom? Was the office party
eggnog problem caused on purpose? How is the
Russian mob involved in all this?
Join the feisty Julia as she protects her family
and friends from the sinister evil lurking around
the preparations for Christmas. Will she be able
to figure out the puzzle confronting her?
The secondary characters are well written,
colorful, quirky and make the story interesting.
The plot moves at a fast pace with plenty of
twists and turns to keep the reader glued to the
book. It is an original and unusual story that
will make the reader feel they are right there in
Busman with the characters.
There is a stop at the famous L.L. Beans plus
mouthwatering recipes at the end of the book.
This is book # 4.5 in the Maine Clambake
Mysteries series. It can be read as a stand alone.
The author weaves the past and present together
effortlessly making the reader right at home on
this scenic Maine adventure.
Good read with suspense, mystery, romance
and humor.
I volunteered to read Nogged Off. Thanks to
NetGallery and the publisher, Kensington Books
for the opportunity.
My opinion is voluntary and my own.

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