North Star Trilogy North Star Trilogy

North Star Trilogy

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Publisher Description

Love came too early for Hugo and Kevin, but years later, they are gifted a second chance.

Hugo and Kevin were best friends and secret lovers back in high school, but they weren't ready to make a solid commitment. College, other relationships, kids for Kevin, and years got in the way, but a chance meeting at a lake in the middle of nowhere proves the spark that first drew them together burns just as bright.

Years later, life is a lot more complex, but falling in love again is easy. Will they get it right this second time around?


The North Star Trilogy is a love story that spans twenty years. Friendship, single fatherhood, family life, angst, hurt/comfort, past abuse themes, medical caregiving, bullying, as well as life's celebrations and challenges are found in these novels. Family is central to this saga that will stick with you long after you finish the series.

January 22
Boho Press
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

TastefullyKitty ,


One of the best romance trilogies I've read... well written, Beautiful and emotional. Filled with wonderful characters you care about. Highly recommended.

Whosawhatsit ,

Fantastic Trilogy

Kevin and Hugo have a second chance at love after having been drifted apart in their college years. A coincidental meeting at a lake sets them on a path to rekindling their teenage love affair.

This is a sweeping trilogy. It covers parental loss, bullying, illness of loved ones, mental health issues, the concept of finding and being true to yourself, family in all its myriad iterations, parenting, and love. We see Kevin, Hugo and their families (chosen and birth) as they go through life; the messy, the fun, the crazy. Without getting bogged down, we get a thorough view of Kevin and Hugo navigating mine field that is life.

This was a sort of “let it all hang out” story. There was beauty, fun, love, hate, bigotry, bullying, death. It was difficult subject matter written with a light hand, love written such that you found yourself turning a page while smiling, and an ending befitting the tumult that the characters faced. I think book 3 lagged a little in the last third, it could have been tightened up but that didn’t particularly mar my read. I so thoroughly enjoyed this set of books that I kept going back chapters to reread favourite scenes before I was done with the set.

jen reilley ,

Best trilogy.


This is my first book by this author and will NOT be my last. She sucked in me and I had a hard time putting it down to sleep and to go to work.

I’m kinda speechless for what to write because I have so many feelings I’m feeling. I love Hugo and Kevin. There I said it. Their friendship that developed into love when they were teenagers was so tragic in my eyes. I felt all of the love they felt for each other and Kevin’s sadness of being pulled away from Hugo. Both boys had a tough teenage years for their age.

The author wrote the book from present to flashbacks so we can live through their relationship together and by did I cry.

Their current love is so strong. They never stopped loving each other but Kevin is still in the closet while Hugo is out and proud.

This book ends on a slight cliffhanger if you can call it that and I can’t wait to dive into book two.

I am sitting here not knowing what to say as this is the BEST trilogy I have ever read and I am only on book two.

Hugo, Kevin, Erin, the kids, summer ,and Erin’s brother Russell have buried deep into me. This book goes through so many emotions but the one at the top of my list is sadness. Get a box of Kleenex ready.

This book broke me and took me back to my own personal experiences.

We see the whole cast love and support and stay strong for Erin. We see a beautiful love and friendship develop between Erin and Hugo while everyone is basically trying to survive.

I’m not saying anymore since I don’t want to spoil anything. I heading into the final book now.


This is my favorite trilogy I’ve ever read

This family has been through more than enough and deserve to have some happiness

Of course there are struggles with their family dynamic, bullying, harassment and more

Hugo is dealing with not fitting in in Kevin’s home and friends. Brooke is being bullied. Finn is just great Finn and Kevin has to face some big decisions to try to keep this family together.

This authors work has sucked me in and this is a fa,ily mi will never forget. I am jumping in and finding another book of hers to read because I am sure I will love more of her work. These trilogy hits on every emotion and real life issues for families that are similar to the Magnus family. The ending was perfect. I couldn’t ask for anything more

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