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An in the nude girl walks up and says, “Hi, I'm Jackie, I run the sports equipment counter, may I sit here?”
“Please do. I'm Jim, the carpenter.”
Jackie says, “You're going to fix things around the camp?”
“Let me put it this way, from what I have seen so far, if the camp was a person, it would be on life support.”
Jackie laughs, “Yeah, the counter that I run is cracked and I have to put heavy stuff, like scuba gear, at one end or the other or the counter collapses.”
“Yeah, that's one of the items on my 'to do' list.”
Jackie then asks me, “How does it feel to be the only one wearing clothes in this place?”
I laugh, “I like to see in the nude girls. However I can't believe the wimp boys that I see.”
Jackie asks, “They tell me that you can't take sunlight.”
“Not at all. I have bright red hair and very white skin. Any exposure to the sun and I burn.”
Jackie says, “Well, if you look like what the food people tell me, you're not going to get hassled for being clothed in a nudist camp.”
“I couldn't take sun, back in school. So I stayed indoors and just lifted weights, during gym class. I'm pretty muscular.”
Jackie asks, “Do you know how this place runs?”
“You mean, other than being a nudist camp?”
“Okay, it's a nudist camp. However, most of the cabins are in pretty bad shape. So, a lot of the nudist people only come here, during the day.”
“That should work, Sunny Spot isn't too far from town. I rode my bicycle over.”
Jackie lectures, “Yeah, but that means that a lot of the people don't spend all that much money here. So, Sunny Spot isn't making all that much money.”
“If the cabins are in as poor shape as the two that I've seen so far, I can imagine.”
Jackie says, “The carpenter before you fixed up a few of the cabins. So, there are a few cabins where people can stay for a week, two weeks nudist vacation.”
“I can see some problems with that. If I wanted to take a week or two vacation, I would want to spend it where things are going on. If there's only a few cabins, there wouldn't be much of interest going on at night.”
Jackie says, “That's the problem. That's why the boss lady will want you to get the cabins fixed up as quick as you can.”
“Well, I'll do what I can, but it'll take some time.”
Jackie and I then talk for a bit, about nothing much at all. Then lunchtime is over and we go back to work.
As Jackie had told me, the boss lady wants me to start work on a cabin, right away.
I check things over and I see that the cabin needs a lot of work. However, before I can get started, the boss lady comes back on the run.
“The sports equipment counter just collapsed. You have to get that fixed, right away.”
I tell the boss lady, “Lead me to it.”
We walk over to the sports equipment shack and the counter has indeed collapsed. There are no supports under the counter, except at the outside ends. The counter was quarter inch plywood and it couldn't support a heavy weight. Jackie laid down a scuba outfit and the counter, which was already cracked, broke in half.
I tell the ladies, “I have to get another piece of plywood, or some such, for the counter. I can put braces underneath, so that the counter doesn't crack again, but there's no wood in storage, of the size for a counter.”
The boss lady then leads me to a telephone and I talk with a local lumber yard. I get them to deliver me a counter top plywood piece and a couple of smaller items. They give me a price and I get a check, from the boss lady, after she talks to the lumber yard. The boss lady then hands me back the telephone
The lumber yard idiot says, “Ummm, that’s a nudist camp.”
“Yeah, however, I’m wearing clothes, not to worry.” I go out front and a lady drives up, in a lumber yard truck.
The lady (hot looking babe) says, “I have the wood. You have a check?”
I hand the lady the check that the boss lady gave me.
The lady says, “Okay, but I can’t give you a hand with the wood, I’m not going into a place full of naked people.”

Fiction & Literature
March 9
R. Richard
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