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Cara's werewolf pack has always believed her destiny is to become a high-ranking female. But during Cara's coming of age ritual, which requires Cara's public deflowering, the pack's leader Ramsay reveals the shocking truth: Cara is actually an Omega -- the lowest and most submissive member of the pack.

Despite Cara's budding love for her childhood friend Jared, she finds herself begging the pack to give her the sexual release her body craves. But not even Jared can help her. Only Ramsay, the grim and lonely Alpha, can satisfy Cara's raging desire. The problem is, their encounter may tie Cara to Ramsay forever!

This 13,000 word erotic romance story contains steamy hot scenes of frotting between virgins, public use and public deflowering of a young virgin girl, public sex between a werewolf pack and a young virgin girl, werewolf breeding of a young virgin girl, and knotting sex with an alpha male werewolf!

All characters are fictional and at least 18 years old.


The unrelenting press of Ramsay's touch, searing hot through the thin cotton of my dress, makes me realize how powerless I am. Ramsay is the leader of the hulking beasts who surround us. He—and they—could do anything to me, anything they want.

I can feel the rest of the pack watching us with their gleaming eyes, their breaths heaving in and out. Of course they can smell me, too. They can smell my arousal between my legs. They're practically salivating, waiting to see what will happen next.

My back arches slightly, trying to push my breast further into Ramsay's hand. As Ramsay keeps caressing me, my mouth falls open fully, drawing in gulps of air. My nipples rub against the fabric of the dress as I breathe in and out. The friction of it makes the liquid heat between my legs increase.

I see Ramsay's gaze flick downward.

With his other hand, the one not stroking my breast, he reaches down to grasp the hem of my skirt. My tongue darts out to wet my lower lip when I feel him brush my thigh. Slowly, slowly, he eases my skirt up, his fingers seeking the center of my arousal....

Fiction & Literature
September 13
Lyla Luray
Draft2Digital, LLC

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