Open Blind Eyes

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Open Blind Eyes brings you face to face with the reality of sex trafficking in America through the true story viewpoint of a girl from a small town. Rachel was only nine years old when she was first approached by a perpetrator who was known to her as a teacher and coach. She goes into detail of the process of being groomed and how the evil of what was happening to her in the dark remained unseen by everyone around her. She describes how she coped for so many years by blocking out the memories only to have them resurface when she was an adult with a family of her own. Rachel had no idea that when she would pursue justice it would end up putting her right back in the world of trafficking. It wasn’t until her church family saw the signs and believed what she was saying that she was able to start the process of finding freedom. Rachel shows her faith and love of God during the highs and lows of her journey and she prays for each person who reads her story. That their eyes will be opened and their actions will lead us toward ending sex trafficking in our world.

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November 24
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Customer Reviews

AllieSun! ,

Very emotional, but empowering.

It didn’t take me very long to read this because I was so sucked in. I went on my own emotional roller coaster reading this book. I felt the pain in my soul. I can’t say that this type of situation has personally effected my life, but I’ve had similar things happen to me and all I could do was be so frustrated right along with her! You want people to listen so badly to your hurt & it seems no one cares unless it happens to them directly. I was falling off the religion wagon there for a while until I read this book. I find your words powerful and comforting. It breaks my heart that you have to continue to live with harassment, and I wish so badly there was something I could do! This book has actually changed how I think almost entirely.. I knew about sex trafficking and have always wanted to do something about it but this actually sparks action in me. I have a 7 year old and all I wanna do during & after reading this book is to protect her from the world. It’s so scary! I hope that we can form an even bigger army of God to rid this filth. Maybe, just maybe we can finally do something about this. I don’t normally even leave a review on anything I read, but this book was entirely way too powerful to not share my thoughts. Thank you for being you, and thank you for being SO brave, brave enough to write this book. I thank God that my friends told me to read this.

Kailiea Jae ,

“Open Blind Eyes”

This is such an amazing book. It does exactly what the title says “Open Blind Eyes” to how close we are to sex trafficking, but not realizing that it is actually happening! This book made me feel the pain Rachel was going through and it hurt my heart that no one noticed. This isn’t usually a kind of book that I would read, but a coworker of mine was talking about how she was reading it and from what she would tell me it had me hooked!

wednesdayistomorrow ,

Wouldn’t buy again

The beginning of this book was good but from about Chapter 17 until the end, I didn’t like.

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