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Painting skies has fascinated artists for centuries. We are aware of the sky because it sets the rhythm of our lives as the sun rises and sets.

This ebook explores the sky and how to paint it.
Look at the clouds and discover how to harness and control the creation of hard and soft edges that instil clarity and intrigue into your painting. This skill ensures the transience of your cloud formations
Color -learn how to work with any hue and develop interesting grays. Discover how to infuse your sky with the warmth of a real scene. The sky sets the theme for color in the landscape.
Painting convincing illusions of distance in a sky gives any landscape painting either a fabulous focus or a dramatic backdrop. The spatial strategies needed are specific to the sky and are not the same as those used for the land aspect of a landscape. These differences are clearly enunciated.
Mood is obviously the most exciting aspect when painting a sky and discussion of tone and how this is the key to produce magical moods.
Finally the book discusses composition and how a sky can be the total focus, a background or how a reflective segment of sky can add interest in an image that does not technically have room for a sky above the landscape.

This is the last volume in a series of 10 ebooks in the “Painting with Ev Hales”. It is another ebook full of ideas, instruction and inspiration. Reinforcing the value of en plein air painting for this subject, it is a fitting way to complete this collection of ebooks. All of these ebooks will inspire you to continue your journey of discovery into the magic world of painting.

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August 4
Ev Hales
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