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She's a fierce Panther Shifter fighting to preserve the freedom of all magic. He's a normal with a target on his back. Will she risk it all for him?

Elena Soussa is the only female Guardian of Chaos in her group. A Panther Shifter, she was a loner by nature. But ever since the members of her crew started meeting their mates and gaining new powers, her curiosity had been piqued.

When she finds a normal cornered by the enemy, she is compelled to save the ridiculously handsome man. But to do so means violating the Guardians code. He is not her problem, she reminds her inner she-Cat. But the beast sure wants him to be.

Will Elena risk it all for one man's life?

December 1
C.D. Gorri
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

veteran Rising ,

Strong enough for her

What an absolutely amazing story! I often go on about loving characters, but these two are some of my favorites! I love how she is unapologetically strong and should be respected for her strength like any other, and how he might be a “weak” human, but is strong enough for her. Together these two fit each other perfectly and the intensity they share fits the story. I was captivated by the situation they found themselves in and how misplaced jealousy snowballs into something else. This book was a fantastic read, and I loved the HEA. I can’t wait to see what the author brings us next!

stacy carr ,

Amazing read!!

Wow talk about a steamy read!! This one is hot!! All the passion Gorri writes is off the charts!! And without giving anything away the surprise guest at the end, didn’t see that one coming. Read to find out who it was and who they were there for!!!

FireRescue ,


Gorri has truly done it again. I’ve been waiting and waiting for Elenas book. I can’t tell you how long I’ve been waiting for this book. Elena was probably one of my favorite Guardians of Chaos and it seemed like torture for me to wait this long for her book. Boy, let me tell you the wait was worth it! At first I didn’t think I was going to like Logan much, but I knew my opinion of him changed instantly when El walked into Midnight’s… I knew I would instantly love him with her. I was correct in my assessment and assumption! The chemistry they had sparked quite the inferno! They came together so hard….hahaha pun intended I guess and for them their worlds that they thought was previously in balance they found was actually on its side and didn’t get in balance until they met on another. With Gorri, each of her books takes on a mind of its own and has a soul of its own and this one truly and a wild and erratic pulse. It was beating so wildly throughout the book. It was palpable. I could so feel it down to my toes and in my marrow. Gorri oozes talent and this book really showcases her skill and her passion at her craft. We delved deeply into Elena’s past and we learned so much. It was heartbreaking and I have to tell you, I feel the same about bagpipes. My job, I’ve been to one too many of fallen brothers and sisters funerals and to hear “Taps” and “Amazing Grace” played on the bagpipes will bring grown men to their knees. Sighs, it’s painful and it brought back memories for me. Anyways, moving along this was a very well written book that had excellent world building, superb characters and one phenomenal set of MC’s. Oh, let’s not forget unfettered love. But typical of a Gorri book there was family, fellowship and togetherness. This book was also hilarious and it was great catching up with the other guardians and their mates. We also got a glimpse at the next set of mates and boy what a zinger.. This grumpy bear gave this book 5 cosmic stars . If you haven’t started this series you should.

I received this book as an ARC from the publisher for my honest and unbiased review.

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