Piano for Adults - Progressive Lessons

Designed for the Adult Begginer

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Publisher Description

An indispensable self-teaching, learning and reference manual designed for the ADULT BEGINNER.

NEW! Teach yourself to play PIANO TODAY! Learn to play like the world’s BEST PIANO PLAYERS with our AWARD WINNING eBooks. This eBook contains ALL YOU NEED to know to become a great piano player - in one easy-to-follow, LESSON by LESSON book! You do not need any prior knowledge of music or piano to teach yourself from this eBook.

"This book is suitable for those wanting to learn piano in short period of time, especially on their own. I recently bought this book, having never played music before and have had great results!" - Ron Goldstein, Middletown NJ

Teach Yourself:

- Every IMPORTANT piano chord and piano scale

- Chords for playing thousands of GREAT songs!!

- How to read piano sheet music and accompany yourself

- Classic POP, ROCK, BLUES and FUNK piano progressions used by pro piano players

- Tricks and tips to get the most from practice sessions and LEARN FASTER

An excellent introduction to learn to play the PIANO for adults.

Features include:

- 29 EASY piano lessons, just like having a personal teacher!

- 170+ examples, a chord chart with 36 piano chords, and all piano notes and scales

- Classic ROCK, POP, FOLK, COUNTRY and BLUES songs as well as CLASSICAL pieces

- NEW and IMPROVED easy-to-read piano music in FULL COLOR throughout

- All the important melody, accompaniment and soloing techniques 

- Everything a beginner piano player needs to know to be able to play their favorite songs - and even write their own

Piano lessons have never been this EASY for anyone who wants to LEARN PIANO FAST!

LearnToPlayMusic’s piano lesson plans are used by students and teachers in more than 20 countries worldwide. For over 30 years, our team of professional authors, composers and musicians have crafted music lesson books that are a cut above the rest. We offer a huge selection of instructional books that cover many different instruments and styles which have sold millions of publications in print, eBook and app formats. Recently awarded the ‘Quality Excellence & Design Seal of Approval’ for eBook innovation, LearnToPlayMusic continues to set the standard in top quality music education resources.

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    Grades 13 and Above

    Customer Reviews

    Billybob974 ,

    Helpful but Errors and Inconsistencies

    Overall book is helpful especially if you already have some music in your background, but there are errors or inconsistencies that can be frustrating to figure out. For example: page 20 shows how your fingers are to be numbered and goes on to say the left hand is usually used to play the bass clef and the right hand the treble clef. Then page 23 shows you where all the notes lie within these clefs. However, page 30 introduces you to your first chord. It’s the C chord played on the bass clef but they used the finger numbering of the right hand and the corresponding notes displayed on the bass clef are not a C chord at all. Even more challenging is the appendix with all piano keys labeled with their notes on the stave. They are badly misaligned so that it’s nearly useless. I’ve played guitar for over 40 years and thought this would be fun to try, but the job of each hand is very different on a guitar and so this book would be a big help if it was correct. Still, I am getting some help from it.

    Opinionjunkie ,

    Effective Method

    I have three years of theory but no piano skills, so I like the way this method doesn’t get bogged down but gets right to chords (in nicely voice-led inversions) and hand independence. Work the pieces up to tempo and you’ll be off to a good start with piano basics.

    I do not like the charts which get split between pages at any font size I try. There is no reason for a three- or four-line chart to continue on a hidden next page (I’m using two-page view on a 27” iMac). Fortunately you can overcome this by sliding each line (they are individual .jpgs) into a TextEdit document to make your own chart—and then save them as a library for practice—but this is a formatting nuisance that seems avoidable.

    And there are some things introduced in the charts that aren’t described in the text, but that is fine, easily figured out.

    Overall, gets the job done efficiently and with challenges that can be mastered with work—all music is work, right? “Playing” music-ha!!

    Nachito97 ,


    This book is very helpful and can teach you many things you might not have already known. I've had a lot of piano lesson books but by far this has to be my favorite! I recommend you to get this book if your looking forward to learning more and inproving.

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