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Polyhedra are geometrical shapes which have fascinated the human mind for several millennia; they occupy a space beyond geometry, becoming archetypical shapes for mythology, philosophy and art.  

The electronic books POLYHEDRA, part of the Mathematical Sublime series, explore these forms from different approaches in several multimedia and interactive formats. Polyhedra are three-dimensional forms, best explored and understood through the 3D models presented in the series. Animated sequences and interactive models are integrated with two-dimensional diagrams, illustrations and text.

POLYHEDRA 2 | Star Polyhedra, Archimedean and Other Solids broadens the investigation of polyhedra beyond the regularity and symmetry explored in the first book of the series POLYHEDRA | The Regular Solids: their History and Evolution. This interactive book traces the art and science of the intriguing semi-symmetric forms from Archimedean (semi-regular), Kepler-Poinsot (regular concave) and compound solids: animated sequences illustrate  the geometric transformations and formal characteristics behind each polyhedron. The digital art book presents not only the mathematical definitions of these geometric forms, but also the cultural associations of polyhedra through the ages - associations in science, religion, and art from ancient Greece to the Renaissance to modern day.

Written, illustrated and designed by Daniela Bertol - multimedia artist and author of Form Geometry Structure, Designing Digital Space, and SPACETECTURE.

Arts & Entertainment
September 14
Axes Mundi Press
Daniela Bertol

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mathophile ,

Amazing animations and interactive features

This book includes an incredible collection of images, animations, and interactive features. Not only does it reveal the mathematical importance of these shapes, but also their significance in history and culture. The interactivity of this book brings the forms to life by providing readers with the ability to explore and play with the different shapes.

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