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Dr. Dave’s Supreme Law of focus states, “A persistently positive focus creates a consistently positive mind.” Only a persistent focus, a positive focus, and a specific focus will ever make your dreams happen.  The same is true of your self-talk. It must be persistent, positive, and specific to have a maximum impact. In order to understand how self-talk works, you must learn what it means to have a persistently positive focus. True persistence is relentless and unstoppable. It laughs in the face of failure and regards setbacks as the launching pad for dreams. If you want to live your dreams, the word quit must not be in your vocabulary. Lack of persistence has laid more dreams to rest in the cemetery of failure than any other cause. There is zero chance that you will succeed on your first attempt. If your dreams are great, you will fail again and again on your way to the top. Before you can be great you have to be good. Before you can be good, you have to be bad. Before you can be bad, you have to try. Millions of people stop at try. Thousands get stuck at bad. Hundreds quit at good. A few go all the way to great. If you don’t have persistence, you will never make the trip from try to bad to good to great.  Greatness cannot happen without persistence. It’s not enough to only have a persistent focus. It also needs to be positive. You need to have a positive operating system installed in your mind in order to create a persistently positive focus. Your mind is an affirming machine, and your brain is positive about everything in your life. It may be wrong, but it is never in doubt. It affirms truth and error with equal facility. Unfortunately, too much of the time, it affirms the limiting beliefs from your past. If you believe everything your mind tells you, it won’t be long before you are in trouble.  Positive Self-Talk Red Book helps you develop a persistently positive focus so that you can develop a consistently positive mind. More than one hundred Power Graphics contain powerful positive thoughts that you need to have in your mind.  If you read this book and act on everything you learn, it could transform your life.

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September 22
Positive Thinking Network LLC
Positive Thinking Network LLC

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