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From best selling authors Thomas and Karen Donahue


Fifty miles off the coast of Kauai, the sails are full and the Pacific is calm. Supreme Court Justices Sydney Stark and Kelii Kalani are enjoying the sea and the serenity during their annual adventure. It all changes when a high speed racing boat comes over the horizon and continues on a direct path toward the two good friends.

One of the world’s most deadly killers is on board the speed boat.

Darkness is approaching when Rear Admiral Richmond, aboard his aircraft carrier, receives an urgent message: Two Supreme Court Justices are missing at sea. Use all available resources to locate them.

The Commander of the Air Group, Captain “Gollum”, launches his attack fighters to search the last known coordinates of the boat. His pilots report back that they have the sailboat in sight, and it’s heading out to sea under full sail. They drop down to get a closer look. “Sir, there are bloody bodies on the deck.”

This is the latest adventure of Professor Marin Ryan, John Hunter, and CIA Assistant Director Teddy Bryce. For them, the questions keep coming, without clear answers.

Who are these international killers that have stayed off the radar for more than twenty years? Who hired them? What’s the ultimate objective?

Come along for the exciting ride when the killing organization discovers John is one step nearer on his computer, Marin is close to figuring out their next move, and Teddy’s violent past with the world’s most dangerous assassin resurfaces. The order goes out—kill them all.

Reviews of the Previous Book, TRAPPED:

“I’m addicted. Can’t wait for the next book.”

“If you want a great summer of intrigue and adventure, read the entire series”

“The ending was off the charts. I’m on board.”

Mysteries & Thrillers
August 17
PerfectWave Publishing
Perfect Wave Publishing

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Mattisse 2 ,


The continued story of Marin, John and of course Teddy continues with new twists and turns. One never tires if their adventures. Could not but it down . I cannot wait for the next adventure.

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