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Nate Larson was the dependable one, the guy everyone counted on. He was the guy that got things done. When his band needed something, they went to him. He was solid, and he didn’t break the rules. Until Dani.

Nate shouldn’t even be looking at her, but there was something about his bandmate’s sister that drew him in. He avoided drama, and Dani’s life was full of it being a single mom with a toddler. Everyone wanted to know her secrets, but Nate was keeping one of his own. Secrets push people away, but with both of them hiding something, it was bringing them closer together. Something that should tear them apart might not be the end of their story after all. It might just be their beginning.

October 12
Emily Robertson
Emily Robertson

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pisatielnitsa ,

Heart-warming friends to lovers romance!

Wow, I loved this book! Take a band of friends reuniting in their hometown, add a bandmate's single-mom sister, throw in some twists like needing a place to stay and the heroine inviting the hero to stay with her, and you've got one heck of a great story. The only thing this story was missing was a bit more music! (When you name a book Prelude, I'm expecting more music.) I've got a soft spot for music, and I could've seen some very sensual options for additions to the already wonderful tale.

Nate and Dani get off to a great start from page one when she tries to figure out what his very private sex life is like. Out for drinks made for a hilarious setup to get everything started, and gave Nate plenty of reasons to consider all the background information I could need to understand their complicated relationship. The characters are deep and well developed, both with secrets they would like to share with the other, but unsure how to go about doing so. (Without getting into too many spoilers, there's even an unsurprising big brother punching his friend for sleeping with his sister moment!) The secrets the characters do share over time build the plot into more than just a forbidden friend's sister/brother's friend romance, and I loved every moment of it. Her secrets unfold slowly at first, then there's no stopping the rollercoaster to the end.

Sexy, sweet, sensual, and more than anything, adorably supportive. Feel good romance with enough twists to keep things constantly in flux. Adorable three-year-old daughter, too! Wonderful story, beautiful romance, five stars! Definitely read this book.

Moonlight579 ,

Can love conquer?

Emily Robertson

Wow, what a great book! One of my favorite genres, add in single moms and I was equally excited!!!! Dani and Nate who would have guessed this match. They back in forth was great. Dani has been through so much being a single mom. Being the sister to a famous rockstar and single mom to boot has been a challenge like no other. Shes never disclosed the identity of her daughters father. Its been a secret she hold close. Nobody has figured out why yet after all these years. Her whole family has come yo give her space on this issue on top of her secret weekends. That gave me pause. Nate the proclaimed bachelor was someone I never thought would show an interest in a single mom. Dani is as concerned by it of it as I would be. Nate is like the father figure of the bunch. He doesn’t want thongs to change but Dani is the exemption to that rule. Can he help change her mind? Can he change the mindset he has for his group? Will she be able to open up to him? Those are just a few things to look forward to with this book. It was so great to see the the other characters from previous books grow. I cant wait for the next one to see where the story leads next. Enjoy!!

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