Programmer's Manual for Your Mind Programmer's Manual for Your Mind

Programmer's Manual for Your Mind

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    • $4.99

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The Programmer’s Manual for Your Mind contains the tools you need to reprogram your mind with a positive operating system.  It’s your Personal Tool Kit that shows you how to change the way you think and feel.

Reprogramming isn’t rocket science, and you don’t need a PhD in psychology to install a positive operating system.  It’s more about discipline than anything else.  You don’t need an iron will, but you do need to be willing to do whatever it takes.

Your mind is actually being programmed all the time without you being aware that it’s happening.  The problem is that someone else is doing the programming.

Pay attention to the programs running in your mind and make sure they are positive.  Don’t run your mind on the default programming of the twenty-first century.

Make no mistake about it.  If you don’t program your mind, other people will.  Whether you like it or not, you are engaged in mortal mental combat, and your mind is ground zero.  If you let your culture, the media, the government, and politicians do the programming, you will be in real trouble.  You will not be running your own mind.  They will be running it.  You will not be living your dreams. You will be living theirs.

 Your mind is the door through which you enter the world of positive change.  In order to have a new life, you need a new way of thinking.

No matter what path you walk to personal transformation, all paths eventually converge on the mind. Positive change first begins in your mind and works its way down into your life.  Until you change the way you think, you remain exactly the same.

Positive thinking truly is the right type of thinking.  It’s more than a good idea. It’s the way your mind was designed to work. Your mind functions best under the influence of positive beliefs.

Positive thinking works because it’s the natural software for your mind. God designed a positive software package that permits your mind to function at full capacity and maximum efficiency. He created your mind to work best with a positive operating system.

The Programmer’s Manual for Your Mind gives you the tools to get a positive operating system up and running.  Reprogramming your mind with a positive operating system is not that hard when you have the tools and resources necessary for the job.

The wheel of change always turns in the direction of what you put into your mind.  It’s time to start filling your mind with positive things so that the wheel of change can turn your life in a positive direction.

Start reprogramming your mind today using the tools found in the Programmer’s Manual for Your Mind. 

Remember, if you want to have a positive mind, nobody can stop you.

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November 16
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