Project ELE

ELE, no. 1

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With more than 700 five-star ratings on Goodreads! When the government enacts Project ELE to preserve the human race after a devastating epidemic, survivors like Willow must adapt to new lives in shelters. But soon, Willow and her friends acquire unusual abilities that have far-reaching consequences. The ELE Series is a now complete Young Adult Science Fiction Romance series that will appeal to fans of The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins, The Gender Game by Bella Forrest, Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard, and A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas.

In an effort to save the human race, the government has implemented Project ELE. Now, the only chance for survival is to seek refuge in underground shelters controlled by the government.
Willow Mosby is among the select few allowed to enter the underground bunker to wait out the end of the world. Forced to pick up the broken pieces of her life after being separated from her family, she throws herself into a new life of work and school. When she meets Alec, her young and attractive boss, Willow finds herself falling for the one guy who should be off limits.
Alec makes her feel like this crazy new world may just be worth living. But when an afternoon date results in a shocking discovery, she's forced to face an unspeakable truth that puts the lives of her and her friends in jeopardy.

Young Adult
July 30
CTP Publishing
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

Bms5 ,

Project ELE

Seriously. Edit. The story is really pretty good. But come on. I at times am left wondering if there was even a designated proofreader on this project.

SHHN10 ,

This feels like reading a rough draft of a potentially good book

This feels like reading a rough draft of a potentially good book. I didn’t realize when I downloaded this that it was a self-published book. Good for the authors for getting their work out there, but this book needed an editor, or at least a proofreader, before going to print. I found the number of grammar mistakes and typos very distracting. I was shocked a book with so many glaring errors would have made it to distribution so I searched more reviews. That’s when I discovered this was self-published.

The story itself is an intriguing concept. I got sucked in quickly and poured through the first half of the book (except for the grammar speed bumps).


By about half way through, I became annoyed with the vapid teen characterization. Willow is portrayed in the beginning as a devoted sister and daughter, but it was three months into the book’s timeline before her concern for the fate of her mother and brother is even mentioned, and then only as a fleeting thought. They are never mentioned again. I am a parent to a 15 year old girl, and even in her most egocentric teen moments, she doesn’t behave this self-absorbed. Willow loses half her family in one traumatic afternoon, after a lengthy and no-doubt impactful pandemic, and within days seems to have moved on to dating her new super hot, older boyfriend without any layers of other emotions. The book misses the opportunity to explore the depth of her grief and anxiety, her perseverance through those, such that the discovery of her own strength (and oh yeah, super powers … what?!) is more comical than triumphant. And what about her father? Another complex character and relationship we’d love to explore, but he’s given about 4 paragraphs in the entire first 2/3 of the book. He’s assigned a grueling and humiliating work detail after losing his wife and son, having no idea if they have survived on the outside, and we hear nothing about his struggle. Where is his anguish?

I was determined to finish the book because I want to know where the story lands, but as other reviews stated, I was only headed for a cliffhanger. There was no ending whatsoever. That’s unfortunate. Based on the current rough-draft state of this book, I won’t invest my time or money in reading 4 more unedited/unproofread books.

thomasda26 ,


I really enjoyed this book! My brother-in-law and I decided to read it together and I’m not disappointed!

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