Prologue of Seduction Prologue of Seduction

Prologue of Seduction

12 Historical Erotic Short Stories

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Publisher Description

<p>Prologue of Seduction is the third short story collection from erotica author Kellie Granier. Containing twelve tales of historical gay, lesbian &amp; erotic romance, this collection will take the reader throughout a variety of time periods and pairings, including five gay pairings, four M/F pairings, two tales of multiple partners, and one lesbian story. Prologue of Seduction will prove that no matter the time or the place, passionately erotic encounters are around every turn.

Carolina Interlude
It's 1862, and there seems to be no end to the Civil War. Bret knows there's no hope for the South, but he still admires the men fighting. One man in particular has always caught in his eye, and when he finds Ashley in Charleston, he knows he can't let the opportunity pass him by.

The Cold Wait
The winter of 1863 was brutal; the cold winds and long nights seemed to last forever. There's no fighting, only long frozen days and even longer nights. Ryan finds himself turning to fellow soldier Marsters to keep his bed warm and his body comforted.

A Return From Philadelphia
Two young newlyweds can&rsquo;t get nearly enough of each other before Jed was called to the Continental Congress. He's back for the Christmas holiday, she has no way of knowing just what is in store for her with his homecoming.

The Hittite Spy
The Battle of Kadesh nearly broke Rameses II fledging control over Egypt, and the royal household would have been slaughtered if not for the capture of Hittite spies. The prince never expects that the Hittite spy is not only a beautiful boy but also a well-trained concubine of their enemy, King Muwatali.

The Good Year Ritual
The King of Sumeria and the high priestess of the goddess Ianna, re-enact the ancient tryst and marriage of Ianna and her consort, the Shepherd, honoring the goddess of fertility and legitimizing the king's right to rule.

The Roman Slave Girl
When Quintus returns from a long trip to Rome, he finds his wife in the pool with a beautiful new girl. She makes it clear the girl belongs to him, but Quintus is all too happy to share the delights of her body.

Marrying The Wolf
There was only one woman Gorlacon would have for a queen. She was Etain, a wolf who wanted nothing to do with men, a tracker, a hunter, a warrior. What will it take to convince her?

The Centurion's Message
Septus is the lone survivor of a surprise attack by the Goths. He only has one goal: warning the nearest garrison. He barely survives the journey but when he wakes up, standing above him is his best friend, Marcos, the man he loved and believed to be dead.

A Necessary Alliance
As a young queen, Imogen knows the only way she will be able to gain power is to produce a male heir. Her husband is too old, so the ambitious Imogen turns to her husband&rsquo;s more virile crown prince.

Couplets Without Rhyme
Sam flees to Munich, Germany, to escape his closest friend and writing partner, consumed by desires he shouldn't possess for another man. Sam surprisingly finds William sitting in a corner, in a caf&eacute;, in Munich.

The Novice Seduction
Arn is a young novice monk, only recently allowed to leave the monastery where he was raised since his childhood. Katarina needs a husband. If she couldn't find a man to marry, she could at least find one to enjoy. She has set her sights on Arn.

The Prologue Of Pleasure
Anactoria travels to Lesbos to study with the poet Sappho, giving up everything in her life for the opportunity. She loves Sappho intensely but never believes the poet could ever return her affections. What follows is an intense scene of sensual girl on girl action.


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April 21

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