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In a future when resource shortages, terrorism, climate change and debt are crippling world economies, and where crime and corruption are the growth industries, someone is giving terrorists technology to bring down stealth bombers and turn drones and cruise missiles against their users. General Ramirez devises a plan to locate the source of this technology leak by ordering Lt Colonel John Maxwell to pretend to be a rogue soldier gone terrorist.

Meanwhile, after rescuing a young mother and child from terror-thieves and then receiving a minor flesh wound from a sniper, Garry Sutherland is invited to join Carole Laborde to carry out undersea exploration at Kerguelen. What Garry does not understand is why a sniper who can hit a small section of half-inch pipe gave him only a minor wound, and why shortly after three new submersibles had to be built the three old nuclear-powered submersibles were stolen.

Maxwell begins to suspect that something much deeper is being played out, in which some unknown person is manoeuvring both government forces and terrorists for some unknown purpose. Critical to that purpose are the two young scientists carrying out a search for undersea mineral deposits at Kerguelen. Maxwell must protect a young woman who is supposed to be a burglar from terrorists, avoid being killed by terrorists, avoid soldiers sent by Ramirez to kill his alter ego, deal with a corrupt immediate commanding officer and uncover this unknown person. When he does, he is faced with one of the most difficult decisions of his life.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
June 27
Ian J Miller
Smashwords, Inc.

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