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This guide for Shadowrun: Hong Kong is a comprehensive source of knowledge both for players for whom this is the first time with the game, as well as for the ones for whom it is a continuation of the game. Apart from the basic information on character creation, you can also find lots of hints and general tips, as well as answers to key questions like What is Smartlink? or What is Cyberware for?. Also, you can find here descriptions of activities, such as hacking Matrix terminals, or lists of codes and passwords that frequently appear as security measures for secret passages and treasures. However, the most important part of this guide is the description of the storyline and a walkthrough for each of the individual main and side missions, as well as curiosities about hidden items. The focus of the walkthrough is not only to complete a quest, but also to provide various ways of completing them, as well as consequences that may come as a result. Description of each of the mission has been provided with a map, where you can find key places, stashes and hidden passages. This has been rounded up with descriptions of possible endings to the story presented in the game. 

Shadowrun: Hong Kong is the next installment in the popular RPG game presented in a top-down view, with a turn-based combat system. It presents a steampunk world of magic and technology, which presents the player with a number of options on how to develop the character and the party. The rich dialogue system immerses you in the game's story and lets you make decisions that are beneficial both for your character and the presented world. 

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September 17
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