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Paranormal Shifter Military Special Ops Romance

Dr. Thaddeus Green survived a werepanther attack long ago, leaving him immortal and a member of the I-Ops team. He’s dedicated his life to genetics and to serving his country. After his mutated DNA led to the death of his loved one, he vowed to never let anyone close to his heart again. Try as he might, Green is unable to stop the mystical pull to the tall, leggy blonde with a sharp tongue and an even worse bite. Thinking Melanie is suffering from mating withdrawal, Green is prepared to do what he must to assure her survival, even if it means claiming her for himself, regardless of his need to protect his heart. Little does Green know that fate has been preparing him for Melanie Daly all his unnaturally long life.

When ghosts from the past resurface, in ways he never dreamt possible, the normally mild-mannered scientist finds himself drawing on his inner beast and rage to assure his mate and their future are protected. But even Green can’t fight all of Melanie’s battles for her. Some she has no choice but to face on her own. Can their bond stand the test of time?

March 1
Raven Happy Hour, LLC
Mandy Roth

Customer Reviews

Adrian7619 ,

Radar deception

Really loved this book. Couldn’t put it down. Loved the writing and suspense. Was surprised by the ending. Full of steamy romance and action packed.

Dmauritzen ,

Radar Deception

Love Green and was excited to read his story. It was exciting and action filled. His relationship with his mate Mel are awkward but they work it out and get there HEA. Great storyline.

Shaseli ,

Not a stand alone

It was great to learn so much about the characters' backgrounds. Melanie was unsure of her pedigree, to the point where she didn't want to celebrate her birthday. She has connections to Green through her other friends that are involved with other Immortal Ops. This book is best read after the other installments or you will be very confused

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