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Tiger-shifter Jonathon Reynell has spent a chunk of his immortal life serving his country. As an I-Op, his life revolves around the next mission, the next natural high. A soldier sent into the deadliest of combats, he didn't expect immortality to be an issue, to live on while everyone he knows and loves dies. When the toll begins to show and he finds himself at the bottom of another bottle, he decides to go back to his roots, back to his home to clear his head. Rock bottom is not where he expected to be when he found his mate with a rose in hand and his name on her lush lips. Tori is the very definition of perfection and beauty. She’s also in the crosshairs of the enemy. And if there is one thing this sniper knows, it’s that his sights are the only ones that should be set on her.

March 31
Raven Happy Hour, LLC
Mandy Roth

Customer Reviews

Dmauritzen ,

Separation Zone

Wow so excited to read Jonathon’s story as a immortal and a tiger shifter he is lonely and heads home to his roots. His mate pops up and between the action and adventure they have romantic times and end it all with a baby. Loved this story full of adventure and a HEA can’t wait to read more.

Adrian7619 ,

Separation zone

This is my favorite book so far. With all Jon has seen and done, the fact that ghosts are real knocks him for a loop. When he is unable to see the grandma but she keeps thumping him for cussing is hilarious.

Lady2007 ,

My Favorite Tiger

OMG! This book is my favorite by far in the I-Ops world I mean this was non-stop amazing. I loved the story between Jon and Tori it was beautiful, We all knew Jon would be the hardest to wait for but I never expected to ever pick a I-Ops guy over Wilson but Jon was to good to not become my favorite man. Tori was so awesome she was so innocent it was endearing she was a warrior and didn't even know but Jon showed her. They were the perfect couple and I cannot see how Ms. Roth can top Jon's story then again she always tops the previous story.

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