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Raindrops on Roses - Rainy Day Reads to Start Your Fire

Ten stories of fictionalized reality intimately explored through the author as she fights the HSDS (Hypoactive Sexual Desire Syndrome) hand she was dealt. A non-fiction section about HSDS along with personal and honest insights into her life may provide fellow sufferers and their partners a safe harbor to begin their own exploration and healing. If not, at least maybe you can have a few laughs along the way, because cram this stuffy third person writing crap, I can't do it.

Hi, this is Rose - I'm the author. And, sure, I'll take my turn and stand up, sorry.

"Hello. My name is Rose, and I have HSDS - and it pisses me off, because I used to be normal..." (Truth alert: no she wasn't ever 'normal.' Okay, fine: rumor has it I was one sexy, hellacious college co-ed, but somewhere after my early twenties - some SOB threw the switch and screwed me over, because I lost it all.)

Raindrops on Roses is a romp through ten rainy day reads that I created to help relight my fire that got put out. The stories range from mild exhibitionism to all-out, "Who's your Mommy!" sex, because I don't really know what will make me think sexy thoughts at any given moment, so anything is fair game. To help folks understand the story better, I include a 'Truth and Consequences" section for every one of these pieces - some of them getting pretty voyeuristic into my life, but it should shed some deeper meaning into my fantasy self and increase the enjoyment you might experience during a second read of the same story.

If the first ten stories plus one non-fiction piece aren't enough to turn over your engine, I popped in over a half-dozen extra stories at the end from my other works either currently available, or available soon.

So if you, or someone you know, has HSDS, this puddle of raindrops might be for you. For all you other people, I hope I can make you drop your ebook reader at least once while reading - it's why they make 'water' proof covers for them, isn't it?

Raindrops on Roses
Sexy Fantasy Fiction included in the main body of work:
Sunny with a Chance (romantic exhibitionism)
Art Class Model Extra Ordinaire (raunchy self-pleasure exhibitionism)
Kohl's Kindness (romantic exhibitionism)
Car Games (fun 'real life' game to play in the car)
Swim Team Photo Assistant (voyeur exploration)
Quickie (break for some much needed rumpy-bumpy)
Shoe Shopping (light exhibitionism and flirting)
Work Wonder (all female exposure)
UPO - Unidentified Phallic Object (comedy interlude before...)
Art Director (uh, okay, little break needed here, even though no penetrative sex, it was still good for me)
Non-Fiction and Life As We Know It:
HSDS - Hypoactive Sexual Desire Syndrome (exploration of the HSDS life including real life interactions that show you or your suffering significant are not alone)
Bonus Section:
Bigger Brother Reality Show (complete Episode 1(background) and Episode 2(action!))
Rose by Any Other Name: Bath Time for Rosie (potentially NC-17 - barely) and Braless Is Better (non-fiction)
Dozen Roses: Hotel Threesome MFF (explicit sex)
Soul Service, Inc. (Excerpt) (sexy humor)

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December 1
Rose Maru
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