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Emma Kate Mayfair, family screwup, has dropped out of college ... again. There’s only one way she could make this worse: getting married in Vegas to a guy she doesn’t even know.

Emma Kate has a serious problem on her hands. Underneath her fingertips were yards and yards of white tulle. Running her hand along her waist, she found lacework. And beading.

She found more tulle trailing down her back from the tiara pinned into her hair. Of course, she was wearing a tiara.

As she rolled to her side, she saw him. Dark hair, high cut cheekbones, long, inky lashes unmoving because he was out cold. Broad shoulders splayed across the bed, easy to see because of the fine cut of his tux.

Emma Kate was pretty sure she’d just gotten herself in a world of trouble. Now, what was his name?

At first, Keith Lee seems to be just another of her colossal screwups, but can Emma Kate hold onto the best mistake she ever made?

This fourth rich, dreamy novel in the Breathless series can be read as a standalone. An accidental marriage and all the fallout will steal you away to where real love is just around the corner. Grab a glass of wine or a cup of coffee and start reading REBEL now!

June 25
Griffyn Ink
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Customer Reviews

AnyAny 15 ,

Leaves me breathless again!

This is the 3rd book in the Breathless series, although it can be read as a stand-alone. I didn’t think that I could possibly like this one more than the 2nd book... but I was wrong! I absolutely LOVED this book from the opening page.
They woke up married in Vegas with no recollection and no money so they decide to team up to tackle their problems together. Although the whole idea of this plot seems impossible in real life, the author manages to suspend that disbelief and it feels like something that COULD happen in real life.

I was given an Advanced Reader Copy but that did not influence my opinion.

Mjs4196361564 ,

Waking up in Vegas married but not knowing your spouse

Less than a minute ago

Emma Kate had screwed up again and quit college. She knew her sisters were going to be mad and then say that she’s such a screw up and never finished anything. So she decides to go to Vegas as get away. But when she wakes up she’s in bed in a white wedding dress and a tiara! And the man next to her is gorgeous with black hair and in a tuxedo. But she doesn’t remember who he is or how they got to where they are? Keith gets woke up and doesn’t remember anything either but looking in his phone can see the wedding and a kiss that looks hot. But he doesn’t know who she is and how they got here either. What will they do now? She knows her sisters will never let her live this down! I voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book.

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