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My chest fills and deflates rapidly—too rapidly—and a hazy darkness begins to creep around my vision. My hands begin to lift, but I don’t want to look, I really, really don’t want to look, because if I do, then there is no more denying, there is no more pretending what happened didn’t happen.

Hanna Harper did the only thing she could do—she stabbed Jared, the love of her life, through the heart to stop the apocalypse. But she was too late. The Fallen were released, and now that Jared has ascended, they intend on using his blood to complete their plan to end the world.

With The Order now divided, Hanna and her friends must find a way to help Jared become The Savior they believe he is. But when a Guardian who’s always viewed Jared as the enemy throws him in the church dungeon at The Compound, all may be lost.

Will Hanna be able to rescue Jared and convince him he’s not the monster he believes himself to be, or will he give into darkness and despair and truly become The Destroyer?

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
February 21
T.L. McDonald
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

amirigor ,

Loved it

I loved this series and am hoping she is coming out with another book. You'd think so, given the ending (not saying anymore than that.. Don't wanna spoil anything). This series would make an awesome movie.

Genevievederosa ,

An action packed ending to a great series!

Wow talk about an action packed finale to a fantastic series! McDonald really pulled out all the stops on this one, not giving you one second to pause and catch your breath. In the final book in the series, Hanna, Jared and the gang have to save the world from The Fallen and boy do they have their work cut out for them. Blondie is back with a vengeance and more evil than ever torturing Hanna and her friends non-stop. Poor Jared is in a major depression thinking the world ending was his fault (and let’s be honest, it kind of was) but Hanna is there with constant pep talks to keep him from going over the proverbial edge and turning into The Destroyer. She believes he is meant to be the Savior and will prove it to him no matter what. I must say if anyone was the true savior in this book, it was Hanna Harper. She fought The Fallen like a champ! I don’t want to give away too many spoilers so I’ll just leave it at - you have to read this book! I can’t wait to see what this author writes next!

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