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A misunderstanding. A man wronged. A heart broken. Can they ever find their way back to each other when their enemies are determined to keep them apart?

Until now, Holly Thorne has resisted all romantic overtures from her self-appointed bodyguard, Quentin Buchanan. Believing he’s betrayed her, she feigns animosity to protect her vulnerable heart. Unfortunately, now it’s her turn to retrieve the final piece of the puzzle to revive her mother, and she needs Quentin’s help to do it.

From the first moment he set eyes on Holly, Quentin was lovestruck, and she’s held his heart ever since. With a hurtful misunderstanding lying between them, he sets out to convince her that he’s the only man for her. Determined to help in Holly’s quest, he leaves to retrieve an ancient scroll with the magic spell to bring Holly’s mother back from the brink of death.

While in Greece, Holly and Quentin find history repeating itself. Holly must put aside her old hurts forever or risk losing the one man who would cross the boundaries of time to save her.

February 26
T.M. Cromer Books
Tara Cromer

Customer Reviews

Wish2BeCharmed ,

Get ready to meet your next book boyfriend!

Reasons to read this book:

1. Written by T.M. Cromer--she's amazing! Read any of her books and you'll be hooked! You're welcome!

2. Quentin Buchanan--if you wanna know why he made my book boyfriend list, you'll just have to read for yourself!

RLS1217 ,

Series review

For the most part, the series is very well written. Clearly well thought out, good backstory and interesting characters. There are, however, serious flaws that compromise every book.

First, major plot changes erase all of the emotional connection the reader has with characters and the unfolding events. Spring’s death, for example, completely took me out of the story. I couldn’t connect with her after her return to life. Knox was insanely selfish in his desire to bring her back. Without her memories and emotions, not only was their relationship built on nothing, but the entire book up to that point lost meaning. The same with Quentin’s changing his and Holly’s timeline. Three quarters of the way through the book, he changes his past so that those events don’t actually take place. If that’s the case, why did I read it? Who cares that they got married? Who cares that they are having a baby? We didn’t see them get to that point so there is no emotional investment. None.

Secondly, none of the characters seem to care that they were abandoned by one or both parents. Everyone is working hard to make sure that Aurora, a woman who cheated on her husband and abandoned four of her children, returns to life. Why? She doesn’t seem like a good person in the least and none of those children should be making the sacrifices they do to benefit this woman. Her husband is also helping to return her, despite the fact that her actions not only hurt him and the assumption is that she will return to her lover should she regain her life. He doesn’t seem the least bit bothered by this despite the fact that her actions caused him to essentially abandon those same children for most of their lives. The only one whose feelings and actions make sense are Alastair, though how you betray your brother by taking his wife is beyond me.

There are other problems as well, with chemistry between characters, but those are the main problems. I’ll probably finish the series, but it could have been much better.

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