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Go back in Time? Go to alternate realities? When will things be “normal” again?

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“...To be honest this is not the kind of book I usually read, but, the premise was interesting, and I thought I would give it a try, I am glad I did, the story was good and kept me interested until the end. Parallel universes, alternate realities, reincarnation, time travel, jealousy, and experiencing more than one life at the same time. This book has it all....”

“...I thoroughly enjoyed all three books. Great characters, great story. Love the use of technology to add music to the e-book...”

“...I liked the use of different theories to explain the actions of the characters and the inclusion of links to certain songs as they played into the storyline. It added the possibility of the reader experiencing the books events both in their minds and externally at the same time if they chose. I do believe this was the best novel of the three...”

“...I'm a big fan of fantasy and adventure books, so I knew this series was perfect for my tastes. After reading all 3 books in the series, I've come to the realization that this is a great book for any fantasy book fans. The author develops a great story and its a wonderful read...”

“ ...I would say get all three and read them through. I did, in less than a week. It was a book I could sink my teeth into and not a struggle to focus. Highly recommend!...”

“...This is the third book of this series from this outstanding author. He definitely lets his imagination continue to flow and allows us to see even deeper in! This book keeps you wanting to know more even better than the first two of the series! Great great fantasy reading!...”

“...My husband didn't want to read it by the description at first, but I urged him to just try it. It's now one of his favorites! He's even gone back and read the first two in the series, although you can keep up even if you haven't. I did read them first and am glad I did...”

Author’s Description
The year is 2050, 38 years after the debacle created by the Demon Seth, the Earth is on a crash course in more than one reality. Parallel universes, alternate realities, time travel, jealousy, and experiencing more than one life simultaneously must be dealt with.

Experience what Sevi, Leyna, Alexander, Aysel, Tegwin, the archangels, the Demon Seth, Satan, and his wife Lillith do to try to save it all.

Step into a world of immortal gods and goddesses, their best friend Satan, and wacky angels, as they try to make sense of a difficult situation, break their paradigms and beliefs, and deal with jealousy to save their realities, memories, and this planet we all live on.

What kind of a read will it be?
The comedic antics of the colorful characters will make you laugh while they become as familiar to you as your best friends, in this blend of fantasy, humor, mystery, and romance. Science, beliefs, and real life references will make you wonder, could this happen?

This witch and wizard series, fantasy romance is like no other you will ever read. Is it really fiction that they attained their psychic powers? Or any of their powers?

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Sci-Fi & Fantasy
September 23
A.J. Aaron
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