Renegade Renegade
#1 - The Feral Court


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Publisher Description

"One of the most original and creative worlds I've read in a long time. Gritty, raw, and absolutely captivating." ~Alta Hensley, USA Today Bestselling Author

A disgraced prince banished for his crimes, he's now nothing more than a common criminal. Injured. Full of hate. He lost everything... until he found her.
A rare prize many would kill to claim, she has no business in the wild beyond. Surviving amongst vicious animals, contending with rejects and monsters. But survive she does.
Defiant to the whims of fate, she dares resist... determined to live free. Mastered by no man.
Greedy, desperate to possess such a treasure, Sinadim would see her bow at his feet and birth him an army, a legion of hybrid soldiers to march on the Silver City.
She is the key to his revenge. A vessel of vengeance.
Fight though she tries, her body makes demands she cannot deny...
Soon, she will come to him—and she will beg. With her, Sinadim will rise to reclaim his throne.
But he is not the only contender... And the hunt has begun...

Publisher's Note: Each pulse-pounding, tension filled page of this Paranormal Romance features a gritty heroine desperate to remain free of the criminals who seek to claim her for their own. If being helpless to the whims of monsters offends you, please do not purchase.

Fiction & Literature
August 7
Myra Danvers
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

LisaClover ,

Feral Court book 1 is a dark Omegaverse

Alright. I love Renegade. She's got spunk and refuses to "fit the mold" of everyone else. She's unique and that is what I like best. Albeit confusing at the beginning, the comprehension does come as we read further into the story. The unfairness of Renegade's treatment is rough, severe and brutal. It may cause a trigger warning of abuse and violence. Omegaverse genre so yes violence, sex and aggression. I wonder if the author should have written from first person perspective to make the character more depth instead of a third person? I didn't know whether to cheer or boo for her would-be savior. Angst as the ending leaves us on a cliffhanger. I'm still straddling the fence about 'The Hunter' and Renegade's situation.

I received a free copy of this book and am voluntarily leaving a review.

caligirlkrys ,

Dark and Primal Omegaverse

Raw, dark and primal Omegaverse. This book isn’t for the faint of heart because it’s a dark book. There is no sweet or kind treatment of the omega in this book. I don’t read much of omegaverse but I love Myra’s books and the cover is 🔥. The world building is unique and in depth which I have come to expect from this author and what draws me in with all her books. My emotions were all over the place reading this book. At some points I had to put it down because of how Renegade was treated and what she experienced but I loved seeing the glimpses of the warrior queen I think she’s going to become. I look forward to learning about more of the men and seeing where this story goes.

I received a free copy of this book and am voluntarily leaving a review.

nicknamesaredumbcubed ,

Renegade is not the usual Omega

This story is set in an Omegaverse world, ends in a cliffhanger and is a reverse harem story. I usually don’t like books with any of these characteristics. But I took a chance on this one because I like Myra Danvers’ writing style and dirty imagination. I liked this story a lot. But maybe not for the usual reasons.

This is Renegade’s story. She’s an Omega, bred to be a submissive that loses her mind and free will when she goes into her heat season. The whole heat thing usually leaves me cold. Creating a whole category of women who are not able to express free will because they are in heat seems like a cop out to me. But this story has a definite twist to it. Renegade doesn’t just lose herself to her heat like a mindless doll. She wants to be a free woman and uses what should be her greatest weakness as a weapon.

Renegade’s road to freedom was roadblocked first by a cruel master and then by a pack of outlaws. I think I was the most impressed by her when she stared into Hadim’s eyes and smiled before letting go and falling into the unknown. Her survival instincts were awe inspiring.

As for the spicy scenes, they were intense, graphic and messy. Her encounter with the pack was really on her terms. She got what she “needed” (because Omegaverse). Once she got what she wanted, she took her renegade self on to the cliffhanger.

Not sure where Renegade’s happy ending is coming from or if she will have one. But I do want to know what happens to her in the next story.

I received a free copy of this book and am voluntarily leaving a review.

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