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This book used to be called "Assisting Aimee." If you purchased it under that title there is no need to re-purchase as it is not significantly changed.

I have marked this as book 10 in the Delta Force Heroes series, but you can read it at any time during the series. Book 2, book 6, book 10, it doesn't matter. (I just didn't want to renumber the entire series)

Aimee O’Brien has harbored a not-so-little crush on her school’s new first-grade teacher since the beginning of the year. Tall, muscled, with long hair and a beard, and a penchant for wearing silly ties to amuse his students…the man is too gorgeous for words. As the PE teacher, Aimee’s wardrobe consists of casual gym clothing not likely to catch anyone’s eye. So no one is more surprised than her when Tony makes his interest clear.

Tony Santoro’s time in the military directly influenced his new choice of career—and his choice in women. He’s looking for someone of substance, and Aimee has far more to offer than just her adorably disheveled look. He can’t wait to see what’s hiding under those sweatpants and tees—but he might have missed his chance. The very day he finally works up the nerve to ask Aimee out, is the day unspeakable violence explodes in the school.

Trapped in the gym, Aimee and Tony will have to work together to get out with their lives…and the lives of the dozens of students trapped with them.

Author Note: In this story, Aimee and Tony deal with a threat that’s all too real in today’s society; the subject matter may be too sensitive for some readers.

July 2
Stoker Aces Production, LLC
Stoker Aces Production LLC

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unknown1972 ,


I have read several of the Susan Stoker series. I realized Rescuing Aimee was going to be short because of the price, but wow this book should have been .99! VERY short read and then, bam, the couple was in bed and the book is finished. Not much to their story. Don't bother.

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